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900 Turbo Special Editions

On this page, we'll present you some limited edition specials the 900 Turbo has seen during it's long production run in various European markets. if you have specs, brochures, photographs of a limited edition 900T not listed here, we would like you to tell us about them and send pics, so we can put them on here. For now, we'll start with two Dutch market specials that are sought-after by enthusiasts now:

900T Silver Arrow (MY 1986)

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At the simultaneous introduction of the two-door version of the 900T and an intercooler fitted as standard equipment to the 8 valve Turbo, the Dutch Saab importers, A.I.M. decided to do a limited edition version of the two-door, intercooled 900T8.  With the lighter, more torsionally rigid two-door notchback body style, cloth interior trim in Labrador grey (new for the '86 model year also), manual windows and mirrors and priced at dfl. 49.950,- (a few thousands lower than the three-door Turbo) it was very much a spiritual successor to the old 99T. 150 were built, featuring a red/anthracite side striping, a wood-rimmed four-spoke steering wheel that was unique to this model, a wooden shift knob and a number plaque on the dashboard. The 8 valve Turbo engine was rated at 155 hp @5,000 rpm/ 240 Nm torque @3000 rpm.


900 Red Arrow (MY 87-88)

redarrow.JPG (48298 bytes)About a year and a half after the Silver Arrow, A.I.M. introduced a second 900T special, the Red Arrow. This, too, was based on the 8 valve 900T, only this time the three-door version. 100 were built like the ones on the picture, featuring a full Airflow kit with the big front and rear bumper covers, a 'whale tail' rear spoiler and 6" x 15" 'Super Inca' wheels. As the latter items were deemed to be a bit controversial amongst prospective owners, another 50 were made with the stock rear spoiler and 15-spoke 'Turbo 85' alloys.

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