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Welcome to the Turbo! Team Europe website. Our goal is to support all enthusiasts of classic and modern Saab Turbo's, to share information and experiences about every aspect of owning and enjoying these great cars and to keep the high performance image and motorsport heritage of the make alive and kicking. Most of all, we'd like Saab turboheads from all over Europe to meet, make new friends and have fun in the same spirit as our American Turbo! cousins (http://secret-secret.com/turbo) have been practicizing for the past couple of years.

We are planning to organize or be present at events your local or national Saab club won't get into, like modified & performance car shows, car audio sound offs and racing track events. At this site we will provide as much technical information about how to get and maintain the very best performance from your turbocharged Saab as possible, from simple modifications to reports of extensive projects by TTE members. Surf the Web for Saab and performance related information through our 'Links' section which has quickly grown to become one of the most comprehensive around. Bookmark this site because we will regularly update our information and add new items. Also you'll learn everything about the cool, weird and wonderful people of the Turbo! scene in Europe.

As we are a virtual community rather than a legally based club our unmoderated mailing list, established May 8th, 2000, really is the back bone of our activities. Subscribe and become a member of Turbo! Team Europe. Get to know Saab people you can actually reach by car instead of with intercontinental flights (although the latter is cool,  too :-), learn about new events and get togethers, get technical advice from more experienced Saabists and maybe give some to novice Saab enthusiasts. Not to mention the moral support you'll get from other listmembers when you are working on the penultimate Saab Turbo project and somehow things don't seem to come your way. Most of us have been there, some of us seem to be in that position all the time so you can be sure to find a sympathetic ear...;-) 

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