Stephan's web-page : Pop songs about Jesus

A list of pop songs in which Jesus plays a part.

Last update : 16-8-2009, 315 titles.
As a criterium I use something like : "non-gospel groups or artists".

Song title Artist Year (appr.)LyricsIn my collection ?
A better place Daydé ?herey
A song for you Gram Parsons 1973herey
A walk in the dark David Byrne 1992herey
After the rain Angel city 1980herey
All good books Paul Weller 2002herey
America no more KLF 1992herey
American Jesus Bad Religion ?heren
American pie (son) Don McLean 1972herey
American wheeze Sixteen Horsepower ?herey
Ami Jesus Les Poppys 1972herey
Angels and devils Echo & the Bunnymen 1984herey
AO Roland ?heren
Armageddon days are here (again) The The 1989heren
Army dreamers Kate Bush 1980herey
Autobahn Senor Coconut y su conjunto 2000heren
Baby Jesus Matthew Sweet?here n
Banquet Joni Mitchell1972here y
Bevor ich mit den Wölfen heule (allusion) Reinhard Mey1974here y
Big footin' Parliament1975here y
Big-Jesus-Trash-Can Birthday party1982here y
Bill Talking Heads1988here y
Birthday card at christmas Jethro Tull2003here n
Black coral the Stills-Young band1976here y
Blackeyed Susan Triffids1989here y
Black friday rule Flogging Molly?here y
Black Jesus Everlast?here y
Black Jesus God?here n
Blasphemous rumours Depeche Mode?here y
Bo Diddley is Jesus Jesus and Mary chain1987here n
Born again Eskimos & Egypt1996here y
Bottle of Jesus Beth Hart?here n
Can I forgive him Paul Simon1997here y
Captain Fantastic and the brown dirt cowboy Elton John1971?here n
Cassette gazette André de Saint-Obin1982here y
Cha cha cha Raymond van het Groenewoud?here y
Chocolate Jesus Tom Waits1999here y
Chris d'Aveugle Diamanda Galas1986here y
Christmas The Who?here y
Coffin for head of state Fela Kuti1980here y
Colour blind Pop group1980here y
Crucifix kiss Manic street preachers1992here y
Crucify (allusion) Tori Amos1992here y
Dancing Bauhaus1981here y
Darker with the day Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds2001here y
Dear God XTC?here y
Dear Jesus Prelude?here y
Dear Mr. Jesus Power Source?here n
Death is no mediamystic you young social democrat Minus Delta T?here y
December Water Boys?here y
Demoncrats Crass1979herey
Der Mussolini Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft1981here y
De schatten van de paus Bots1978here y
Did worlds collide? Hudson-Ford1975here y
Doar baal ik van Normaal?here y
Don't let it get you down Echo and the Bunnymen1997here y
Down the road Manassas1973here y
Drink ring Jesus Stephen Simmons2006here n
Dropkick Jesus Slipknot?here n
Echte mannen Kamagurka?here y
Eulogy Tool?here n
Expresso 2222 Gilberto Gil1972here y
Evangelische polonaise Drs. P.?here n
Everyone is Jesus Thomas Di Liva?here n
Father Lucifer Tori Amos 1996herey
Food (for thought) UB 40 1980herey
Forgiven (Son) Alanis Morissette 1995herey
Free fallin' Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers 1989herey
Get up, stand up Bob Marley & the Wailers 1975herey
Gimme hope Jo'anna Eddy Grant 1988herey
Gloria Patti Smith 1976herey
God John Lennon & the Plastic Ono Band 1970herey
Godhead <=> deathead Coil?here y
God walks among us now (Jesus song no. 6) Flaming lips 1990herey
Good enough for Jesus Redbone1972here n
Goodnight Saigon Billy Joel 1982herey
Gott im Himmel (Spirit in the sky) Nina Hagen 1985herey
Grand prix Drs P. 1976herey
Hair (from the musical Hair) Zen1969here y
Hanging upside down David Byrne1992here y
Happy birthday pigface christus Current 93?here y
Hare Krishna Ruth Copeland1970here y
Have mercy on the criminal Elton John1972?here n
Heroin Velvet Underground1966here y
Het wijnjaar nul Van Kooten en De Bie 1982 herey
Holy holy holy Current 931985here y
How lucky I am Lee Clayton ? heren
How much longer? Alternative TV ? herey
Huwelijkslied 1 & 2 Hans Dorrestijn ? herey
Hymn 43 Jethro Tull 1973 herey
I ain't thick, it's just a trick Crass1979here y
I am a bunny The Dave Howard singers1985here y
I am stretched on your grave Sinead O'Connor1990here y
I believe in Jesus Donna Summer1980here y
If God will send his angels U21997here y
I found out John Lennon1970here y
I have forgiven Jesus Morissey2004here n
I knew Jesus (before he was a star) Glen Campbell?here n
I'm not Jesus Apocalyptica & Corey Taylor?here n
I'm not Jesus Ramones1987here y
I'm on my way to a better place Chairmen of the board1972here y
Industrial disease Dire Straits1982here y
In the wake of Poseidon King Crimson1970here y
I never knew her name Elton John1972?here n
Iration Fishbone1987here y
I took your name REM1994here y
J.C. Powderfinger?here n
Jerry's electric church Screaming blue messiahs 1987herey
Jesus Bettine Wegner ?heren
Jesus Jeremy 1972herey
Jesus Queen 1973herey
Jesus Tielman Brothers ?heren
Jesus Velvet Underground 1969herey
Jesus & gravity Dolly Parton?here y
Jesus and Johnny Havallinas?here n
Jesus and tequila Minutemen?here n
Jesus and the devil Roger Chapman2001here n
Jesus' blood never failed me yet Gavin Bryars1975here y
Jesus' blood never failed me yet Tom Waits 1993herey
Jesus book Bassholes ?heren
Jesus build my hotrod Ministry ?heren
Jesus children of America Stevie Wonder?here y
Jesus Christ U2?here n
Jesus Christ Big Star1973here n
Jesus Christ pose Soundgarden?here n
Jesus Christo Peter MacLane1971here n
Jezus Christus Werktuig1980here y
Jesus Cristo Silver's Trust?here y
Jesus Chrysler drives a Dodge Screaming Blue Messiahs?here n
Jesus doesn't want me for a sunbeam Nirvana?here y
Jesus etc. Wilco?here n
Jesus everyday Treat her right1988here y
Jesus for the regular The Veils2006here n
Jesus freak DC Talk1996here n
Jesus gave love away for free Manassas1972here y
Jesus glow in the dark Woody en Paul2007here n
Jesus gonna be here Tom Waits1992here y
Jesus he knows me Genesis 1992heren
Jesus in a camper Robbie Williams?here y
Jesus in 3/4 time J.D.Souther1972here n
Jesus is a Cadillac Andy White?here n
Jesus is a shotgun Destroy all monsters?here y
Jesus is a soul man Lawrence Reynolds 1970heren
Jesus is comin' Degarmo and Key ?heren
Jesus is just alright Byrds1970here y
Jesus is just alright Doobie Brothers1973here y
Jesus is on the main line Aerosmith2004here n
Jesus ist da Oliver Lieb & Klaus Kinsky?here n
Jesus is waiting Al Green?here n
Jesus just left Chicago ZZ Top1973here y
Jesusland Ben Folds (five)?here n
Jesus lives Bollock brothers2002here n
Jesus lifeline Kate & Ann McGarrigle1983here y
Jesus loves me (but I don't care) Subway1978here y
Jesus loves you Jewel?here y
Jesusman Alex Harvey?here y
Jesus mentioned Warren Zevon?here n
Jesus' mom David Wilcox?here n
Jesus nao tem dentes no pais dos banguelas Titas?here y
Jesus of love Generation of love?here n
Jesus of the moon Nick Cave2008here y
Jesus of Rio Violent Femmes1994here n
Jesus of suburbia Green day?here y
Jesus or a gun Fuel?here y
Jesus protects Mexico Eugene Chadbourne1986here n
Jezus redt Robert Long1974here y
Jesus revolution Les Poppys 1972herey
Jesus said Hudson-Ford1975 herey
Jesus save me Gallagher and Lyle1973 herey
Jesus saves Slayer1985 herey
Jesus says Ash ?heren
Jesus sings the blues Junkhouse? heren
Jesus thinks you are a jerk Frank Zappa? heren
Jesus to a child George Michael1996here y
Jesus vs. Machiavelli Daf.Dos?here n
Jesus walking on the water Pig Meat?here y
Jesus walking on the water Violent Femmes?here n
Jesus walks Kanye West2005here n
Jesus wants me for a sunbeam Vaselines?here n
Jesus was a capricorn Kris Krostofferson?here n
Jesus was a crossmaker Judee Sill1972here y
Jesus was a leprechaun Snakefinger?here n
Jesus was an only son Bruce Springsteen2005here y
Jesus was a terrorist Jello Biafra & No Means No?here y
Jesus was black Kings of Comedy & DL Hughley?here n
Jesus wept Alberto y lost trios paranoias1976here y
Jezus was sexy Raymond van het Groenewoud2006?here n
Jezus will fix it Al Green?here n
Jojo Gino Vanelli?here n
Jonge meisjes Internationale Nieuwe Scene?here y
J.Q. murder You've got Foetus on your breath1982here y
Jubilee 10000 Maniacs1989here y
Judgement of the moon and stars (Ludwig's tune) Joni Mitchell1972here y
Keep gettin' it on Marvin Gaye1973here y
King of carrot flowers part 2 & 3 Neutral Milk Hotel?here n
King of kings Echo & the Bunnymen2001here y
Kiss me, son of god They might be giants1989here y
Kung Fu Curtis Mayfield1974here y
Laat me slapen Acda en De Munnik?here y
Last year's man Leonard Cohen1972herey
Levon Elton John1971?here n
Like a girl Jesus Game theory?here n
Living in America Andy Lloyd1979here y
Livin' the life Parliament1971here y
Look out for the blue guerrilla Kain1971here y
LSD Public Enemy 1999herey
Make it all OK REM2004here n
Mmm skyscraper I love you Underworld1993here y
Mohammad is Jesus Deep Dish2001here y
Moral majority Dead Kennedys1982here y
Mother and child David Sylvian1987here y
Mother and father Madonna2003here y
Mr. Jesus Christ Tim Scott McConnell1994here y
Mrs. Robinson Simon and Garfunkel1968here y
My crucified Jesus Ferré Grignard1966here y
My God Jethro Tull1973here

My head hurts, my feet stink, and I don't love Jesus Jimmy Buffitt?here

My human gets me blues Captain Beefheart?here

New test leper REM1996here y
No Xmas for John Key The Fall1978here y
Nobody's baby now Nick Cave1986here n
One U2?here y
One of us Joan Osborne?here y
Ook Jezus ging naar de hoeren Guido Belcanto2004here n
Peace on earth U22000herey
Personal Jesus Depeche Mode1989here n
Personal Jesus Marilyn Manson?here n
Pet angel Geraldine Fibbers1997here n
Picture of Jesus Ben Harper2003here n
Plastic Jesus Cool hand luke ?heren
Plastic Jesus Flaming lips ?heren
Plastic Jesus Flametrick subs ?heren
Plastic Jesus Blackeyed Susans ?heren
Pray for me, mama (I'm a gypsy now) Jason & the Scorchers1984here y
Pride (In the name of love) (allusion) U21984here y
Prologue: Child of the north Ruth Copeland1970here y
Pusher for Jesus Jerry Jerry and the Sons of Rhythm Orchestra?here n
Reality Asylum Crass1979here y
Release yourself Graham Central Station1974here y
Religion Motörhead?here y
Romeo had Juliette Lou Reed1989here y
Rotten peaches Elton John1972?here n
Round here Counting crowes1993?here n
Run wild New Order2001here y
Save me Jesus Bobby Charles?here n
Saviour Kevin Coyne1975here n
Schizophrenia Sonic Youth1987here y
Sell Jesus Ze Popes ? heren
Shine on sweet Jesus (Jesus song no. 5) Flaming Lips1990here y
Signalen Herman van Veen 1984 herey
Silver and gold U2 ? herey
Singin' call Stephen Stills1971here y
Skyscraper Underworld2002here n
Sleep Alex Lloyd2002here n
Sluggin' for Jesus Cabaret Voltaire?here y
Sober Tool1996?here n
Soldier Neil Young1972here y
Some days are better than others U21993here y
Song for shelter Fatboy Slim2001here y
So what Crass 1978 here y
Spirit in the sky Norman Greenbaum1970here y
Starfield road Sonic Youth1994here y
Still waters Jim White1996here y
Sucks Crass 1978herey
Sunday bloody sunday U2?here y
Suzanne Leonard Cohen1966here y
Suzanne Herman van Veen1969here y
Sweet Jesus Barclay James Harvest1975here y
Sympathy for the devil Rolling Stones1969here y
Talking 'bout Jesus Delany and Bonnie1971here n
Talk to me Joni Mitchell1977here y
Ten wheels for Jesus Beast of Bourbon?here n
Thank heaven for push button phones You've got foetus on your breath1981here y
The ballad of John and Yoko The Beatles1969here y
The ballad of the pale Christ Current 93?here y
The blood The Cure1985herey
The chad who loved me Mansun1997herey
The christ is here Popol vuh ?heren
The delivery man Elvis Costello 2004herey
The hero's return Pink Floyd1983here n
The idea Adam & the Ants 1979herey
The Jezebel spirit Brian Eno / David Byrne1981here y
The man who called himself Jesus The Strawbs1969here n
Them heavy people Kate Bush1978here y
The post war dream Pink Floyd1983here n
The rebel rides again The Heavy Metals1993here y
There you are (Jesus song no. 7) Flaming lips 1990herey
The slide Cowboy Junkies2004here n
The son of Jesus Jefferson Airplane1971here n
The sound of the sinners The Clash1980here y
The wanderer U21993here y
They ain't making jews like Jesus anymore Kinky Friedman?here n
Til the day I die Garbage2001here y
Time is an ocean Paul Simon1997here y
Tiny dancer Elton John1972?here n
Tower of Babel Elton John1971?here n
Trees and Del Prodo's Emmery Lee Joseph Emmons jr/Watts Prophets1970?here y
Trust Jesus Slobberbone2000here n
Turn on to Jesus City Boy1978here y
Unclean Psychic TV1981here n
Unity Holly Near1982here y
Vertigo U22004here y
Wake up dead man U21997here y
Walking spanish Tom Waits 1985heren
Way down in the hole Tom Waits ?herey
Welcome Jesus Johnny Dowd ?heren
Welcome to the terrordome Public Enemy 1990heren
We will be your gurus Television Personalities1992here y
What ever happened to baby Jesus? Fuzztones?here y
When I first met Jesus Housemartins1986here y
When Jesus gets a brand new name Jim White1996here y
When love comes to town U21988here y
When the music's over Doors1967here y
Where next Columbus ? Crass1982here y
Why should I love you ? Kate Bush1993here y
Wilderness Joy division1979here y
Wild style christ Sturm und Drang?here y
Willy en Wanda Guido Belcanto1990here y
Wings of speed Paul Weller1995here y
With God on our side Bob Dylan1967here y
W.m.a. Pearl Jam?here n
Wooden Jesus Temple of the dog1991here n
Would Jesus wear a Rolex? Ray Stevens?here n
X-static process Madonna2003here y
Zeven ballen en een piek Neerlands hoop in bange dagen?here y
7th high Double 99?here n

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