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Track link types for VVSS 

Unless noted otherwise, all track links are of the outside guide, rubber bushed double pin type. 
Type  Description of composition Weight
Rubber tread links 
width: 16"; pitch: 6"; pin diameter: 1-1/8"
T41 T41 Flat reversible rubber tread.
Note the grouser with three side ribs for the T41 track (part no. C84981). Grousers can be clamped onto the track by inserting their studs in the holes at the end of the track pins. Not all track types had holes for grousers.
Grousers were meant to be fitted to flat rubber block tracks, but can be found in use on other track types as well. Possibly the two basic types were available in 2 subtypes according to whether they were fitted to reversible or non-reversible tracks.
61 lbs/ft. 
4800 lbs/
2 strands
WE210 Rubber Standard 
Non-reversible rubber tread with 'double I' pattern. Officially listed as 'Rubber Standard' but better known by its part number WE210 (being an assembly of four track links). Made for the Commonwealth Armies, fitted to Grant and Ram tanks. 63 lbs/ft. 
5000 lbs/
2 strands
Rubber tread links 
width: 16-9/16"; pitch: 6"; pin diameter: 1-1/4" 
T48 T48 Chevron rubber tread. This link was the longest in production of the rubber tread types, as post-war production T48 tracks with wide guide horn connectors have been spotted.  79 lbs/ft. 
6280 lbs/
2 strands
T51 T51 Flat non-reversible rubber tread. Replacement of T41, tread with thicker rubber to prolong track life. 
Note the grouser with one side rib for the T51 track (part no. D48082). 
79 lbs/ft. 
6300 lbs/
2 strands
Steel tread links 
width: 16-9/16"; pitch: 6"; pin diameter: 1-1/4"
T49 T49 Straight steel tread, cast steel links (looks like T47E1).
Ram tanks: supplied as spare only.

Note: a variation of this type of track has been spotted on an ex-British Sherman V fitted with T49 track. It is constructed like the T54E1, but instead of a chevron, it has three bars welded on the tread plate. Thus it looks like T49 track, but it is not.

96 lbs/ft. 
7560 lbs/
2 strands
T54E1 T54E1 Chevron steel tread, composite welded links. 

Note: see under T49.

96 lbs/ft. 
7600 lbs/
2 strands
T54E2 'cuff design' 
Chevron steel tread (composite welded links?). First steel tread link, known as 'cuff design' (later designated T54E2). Designed and manufactured by Chrysler. First fitted to Shermans on 01-10-'42. Replaced by a 'rolled section track' (originated by Mr. Weckler) in the Spring of 1943. 96 lbs/ft.
T56 T56 Straight steel tread, composite bolted links (looks like T47).
T56E1 T56E1 Chevron steel tread, composite bolted links (notches in chevron to accommodate bolts).

Note: both T56 and T56E1 seem to be based on rubber block track links. The frame of the rubber block link is not cast in rubber, but clad with a straight and chevron steel tread, respectively. The tread plates are fastened with three square-headed bolts.

T62 T62 Chevron steel tread, composite rivetted links.
Steel tread links 
width: 16-9/16"; pitch: 6"; pin diameter: 1-7/16" 
T37 A.S.F. T37 
Straight steel tread, hollow cast steel link. Limited use only.
Ram tanks: supplied as spare only.
99 lbs/ft. 
7835 lbs/
2 strands 
Steel tread and rubber top links 
width: 16-9/16"; pitch: 6"; pin diameter: 1-1/4"
T47 T47 Straight steel tread (three square dimples between bars), rubber top.
T47E1 T47E1 Straight steel tread (recession between bars), rubber top.
T74 T74 Chevron steel tread, rubber top.
Spotted in post-war use with wide guide horn end connectors.
Cast steel links 
width: 15-1/2"; pitch: 4.6"; pin diameter: 13/16" 
C.D.P. C.D.P. Canadian Dry Pin. Skeleton type, cast manganese steel links with three/four track pin lugs, each connected with a single dry (unlubricated) silicon manganese steel pin. Fitted to standard VVSS system with a different 17-toothed sprocket, 102-103 links per track. 
Fitted to Sexton II SP Gun (though many of those in use with the British Army seem to have been retrofitted with US track) and Grizzly tank. 
58 lbs/ft. 
4600 lbs/
2 strands

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