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SECO, Augusta, GA, USA

Our intrepid reporter Joe DeMarco went to South Eastern Equipment Co. at Augusta, GA, USA. He found fifteen Sexton 25 pdr SP Guns in various conditions. These are the last of the batch of 47 SECO bought from the Portuguese government.
Sadly, Joe was in a hurry, so he was not able to examine each Sexton or get more photos. 
Joe believes they all have their engines. They are priced at $9,800.-

(Please click on the photos (as applicable) to jump to large-scale copies)

Sexton 25 pdr SP Gun, Tracked

All of the guns have been torched. SECO said they had a spare tube laying around, though.
At least 3 of the Sextons have the 3 piece final drive housing and at least one has the M3 style bogies and a riveted lower hull.
They all have the CDP track & sprockets, many of the front mudguards/stowage lockers are laying around the yard.
This picture shows the M3 style bogies and riveted lower hull on one of the Sextons. Therefore this could very well be a Sexton I.
Sexton Is were originally fitted with US type tracks, apparently this example was retrofitted with CDP track (note the sprocket) before it was shipped to Portugal.
Sadly this picture does not show the rear of the hull. The Sexton I originally did not have the integral auxiliary generator and battery boxes, though some of them had them fitted retrospectively.