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Pakistan was supplied with Sherman tanks, M36/M36B2 90mm GMCs and M7 105mm HMCs. Jane's listed the Sherman, M36 90mm GMC and M7 105mm HMC as "in reserve" by late 1981.

In 1987, an Asian country, believed to be Pakistan, completed an exhaustive 24 month trial of a M7 105mm HMC fitted with a repower package developed by NAPCO.

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Shermans included M4A1E4s (small hatch hulled M4A1s retrofitted with 76mm guns; also some with spaced-out VVSS), which were used in the 1965 Indo-Pakistani war. Shermans with 76mm guns were used by both India and Pakistan - though only in a supporting role to the Centurions and Pattons which made up their main strength - in the battle of Assal Uttar, a climatic encounter on 8-10 September 1965. Pakistan even fielded about 40 of them in the 1971 fighting. Unfortunately, by that late date they were hopelessly obsolete and suffered from mechanical breakdowns.

An ex-13th Lancers M4A1E4 with dozer blade survives at Pakistan Army Armoured Training Centre at Lahore.


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