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re-engined M4A4 with FL-10 turret
Scan courtesy of Keith Ross
This Egyptian Sherman was based on a Sherman M4A4 hull, which was re-engined with the GM 6-71 twin-diesel engine from the Sherman M4A2. The turret was removed and replaced by the FL-10 turret as fitted to the French AMX-13 light tank. The conversion was designed and built in France.

Keith Ross located this derelict example east of El Arish, Sinai, ARE. The Sherman has since been moved by the Egyptian government, and hopefully now serves as a monument somewhere.

Scan courtesy of Keith Ross
This view shows the FL-10 turret to good advantage. It is a two-man turret with auto-loader for the 75 mm gun. The auto-loader was reloaded through the two rectangular hatches in the turret top.
Scan courtesy of Keith Ross
As the rear hull plate has been cut away one has a good view of the engine compartment: visible here are the diesel engine's exhaust and radiator fan housings.

Note: see Keith Ross' site for more Sherman photos.


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