The Ram Kangaroo
Scan supplied via Mike Kendall
Interior of late type Ram Kangaroo, looking towards the left rear. The sponson houses the auxiliary engine, fitted with a generator to supply electricity to charge the batteries when the Continental radial engine was not running. Its exhaust is routed via a duct through the bulkhead, the exhaust fumes being expelled at the rear of the vehicle. The voltage regulators are fitted to the bulkhead, above the exhaust duct.
The battery box is just visible in the sponson to the right of the auxiliary engine. Below the exhaust duct, on the lower hull sides, two fire extinguisher bottles are fitted in brackets. These are connected to a number of nozzles in the engine compartment, and can be activated from the driver's seat or from the rear engine deck by means of a [switch/grip].
The drive shaft almost divides the compartment in two. Along the top of the drive shaft housing run the oil lines between the gearbox and its oil cooler, which can be seen on the right of the bulkhead. The R975 engine's oil cooler can be seen on the left of the bulkhead.

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