The Ram Kangaroo
Scan supplied by Geoff Winnington-Ball
This British stowage sketch shows the interior of a Ram Kangaroo with the auxiliary machine-gun turret. The driver sits on the right, the vehicle commander on the left. As can be seen the interior is basically empty, and the infantry had to stand inside.
The conical bracket on the left side of the turret ring is the No.9 'B' set antenna base for the standard wireless set No.19 which was situated on the left-hand side sponson, next to the vehicle commander. The 'A' set antenna, used for inter-vehicle communications, was fitted between the auxiliary machine-gun turret and the driver's visor (not visible in this image).
The battery box is on the hull floor, to the rear of the compartment on the left-hand side of the drive shaft. (Late type Rams had the battery box moved into the left hand sponson.)

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