The Priest Kangaroo
Scan supplied by Mike Kendall
Shown above is the interior of the M7 105 mm HMC. When converted into a Kangaroo, the howitzer and associated equipment were removed. The ammunition stowage bins on the left and right hand sponson and beneath the subfloor, the folding floor plates and excess gun crew seats were removed. Various items such as fire extinguishers and wireless set were repositioned to maximise the interior space. Some 15, and if needed, up to twenty troops plus a driver could be carried.
Appendix F of the Mediterranean Area AFV Technical Report 27 of 17 April 1945 lists the work carried out by 45 South African Workshops during the conversion of 102 Priests SP Guns to Kangaroos. Although it is unlikely that this list of work is identical to what AWD Kangaroo carried out in August 1944, the list is included here because it gives a good idea of the work carried out by this unit in such a short time.

The following items are removed from inside the hull:-
Left Hand Side.
(1) Seat and bracket attached to left hand wall.
(2) 19 round ammunition rack.
(3) Portable fire extinguisher and bracket.

Right Hand Side.
(1) Seat bracket attached to right hand wall under AA/MG.
(2) 17 round ammunition rack.
(3) Portable fire extinguisher and bracket.

(1) 105-mm How complete with mounting and mantlet; the mounting may be cut off flush at the four points of attachment and the whole assembly lifted out as a unit.
(2) Folding floor plates and angle iron supports, it may also be necessary to remove the cover platoon the rear bulkhead, this should be refitted after the floor has been removed.
(3) Three stowage bins under floor on either side of propeller shaft.
(4) Water can carrier attached to RH bin under floor.
(5) AA/MG belt box tray at front of RH floor bin, together with second water can bracket attached to it.

The following items are repositioned:-
(l) Two portable fire extinguishers - secured to rear bulkhead.
(2) AA/MG folding seat - attached to lower RH side wall of hull to enable one man to sit on the right of the gearbox.
(3) Extension filler on gearbox is reduced to normal length and hole in glacis plate blanked off by 1/2" armour.
(4) W/T set moved to the right of the driver to position where gun was.
(5) Rearmost angle iron support is replaced to secure the lower end of the shield on the engine bulkhead. 

As a result of the above alterations it will be found possible to accommodate 15 infantrymen in battle, order, with their rifles, in addition to the driver/W.T. operator. They are positioned is follows:-
RH side Sitting on plate over tracks - 5
Centre Sitting on prop. shaft easing - 4
LH side Sitting m plate over tracks - 5
On right hand side of gearbox - l
plus Driver-W/T Operator 1
Total 16

Provision will have to be made for:-
1. Raising the hull sides to the same height as the Superstructure at the front of the vehicle.
2. A cover or seat over the propeller shaft and vehicle batteries."

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