- Linux MIPS on a DECstation

Am79C30A related docs (Personal DECstation on-board audio and ISDN controller)
Clear-NVR jumper
Linux/MIPS HOWTO (local copy)
Booting via network
DECstation Linux Howto with 2.2.1 and 2.2.10 kernels

These pages are dedicated to DECstations with MIPS based processors made by Digital Electronic Corporation and running the free available operating system Linux on the machines. Beside Linux the other possible operating systems for MIPS based DECstations are Ultrix and NetBSD.

Thanks to the effort of many people porting Linux to the MIPS platform, Linux runs on DECstations, with first attempts to run Linux on DECstations started in 1995, these days Debian Linux runs out of the box.

Some of the information here is meanwhile outdated, other updated like the Linux/MIPS HOWTO which also covers other MIPS powered machines that runs Linux.

The fnet.mips mailininglist archive previously located here can now be found at the linux-mips server archive

The (outdated) website which solely covers Linux on DECstations is http://decstation.unix-ag.org/.
Karel's site at http://www.xs4all.nl/~vhouten/mipsel/ is loaded with useful practical software and tips.

Personally I have two Personal DECstation 5000/25's, codename MAXine, and a DECstation 5000/133, codename 3MIN.

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