The Game

The game is played with seven players. Each player represent a Great Power of Europe just prior to World War I. These Powers are: England, Germany, Russia, France, Italy, Austria-Hungary (i shall use "Austria" in the future) and Turkey. To assign a player to a Power you must draw lots. This is the only element of chance in this game. There are 34 supply centers on the board and the are marked with a dot. Click here to see the board.

 You win this game if you control 18 Supply centers. There can also be agreements on who will win and every Power that have some pieces on the board will be end in the draw. This game is called Diplomacy, because of if you want to win a game you have to negotiate with other powers, make alliances etc. This is why the Game is called Diplomacy. The time you negotiate is used to talk about the moves you are going to make.

 There are two types of units: Armies and Fleets. Armies are used to represent the owner of the provinces. Fleets are used to represent the owner of coastal provinces and body of waters. At the beginning each power has the control of three supply centers, except for Russia (four). These are in the beginning of the game in there home centers. ('F' indicates a fleet an 'A' an army) 

 England F London
A Liverpool
A Edinburgh
 Germany A Berlin
F kiel
A Munich
 Russia A Moscow
F St. Petersburg (South Coast)
A Warsaw
F Sevastapol
 Turkey A Constantinople
F Ankara
A Budapest
 Austria-Hungary A Vienna
F Triest
A Budapest
 France A Paris
F Brest
A Marseilles
 Italy A Paris
F Brest
A Marseilles