Support Order

A unit may give up its movement to support another unit trying to hold or to enter a province. A unit may only support another unit when it could move self into the province which is attacked or where the unit holds. To ordor a support you first write down the unit that is supporting then its location and a 'S' ande the the order of the unit which is supported. Thus, "A Kie-Hol" and "A Ruh S A Kie-Hol" means that an army in the Ruhr is supporting the army of the same power moving from Kiel to Holland. When you want to support you must write down the owner of the power: "F Nth S GERMAN A Kie-Hol". So Armies may support fleets which are in a coastal province, but not one in a boddy of water. When you support you will increase the strength of the attacking unit. The attacker wins if his strength is more than the one of the defender. If the strength of the defender is equal mare he will hold the province. They will "bounce". When two units are attacking the same region with the same strength they will bounce ande the attacked province will remain empty. Not equal the one with the heighest strength will win.

Now I will give some examples which learn some rules around the support order. The underlined orders fail.

 Example 1  AUSTRIA: A Bud-Ser, A Gal-Bud, A Rum S A Gal-Bud
 TURKEY: A Bul-Ser

Following the rules you would think that the army in Bud will lose, but a rule is that a power may not destroy its own units, so nothing wil happen in this situation.

 Example 2  AUSTRIA: A Bud-Gal, A Rum S TURKEY A Rum-Bud
 TURKEY: A Rum-Bud
 RUSSIA: A Gal Holds
Here you see the same as above the Turkey's armey can't move to Budabest because Austria may not kill himselft.

 Example 3  AUSTRIA: A Ser-Bud, a Vie-Bud
Although self dilodgemint is prohibited. The army from Serbia will conquer Budapest because unit he is in conflict is also moving to that province, so the unit with the heigest strength will win.

But look at the following situation:

 Example 2  RUSSIA: A Mos Holds
 TURKEY: A Sev-Mos, A Ukr S A Sev-Mos
 ENGLAND: A StP-Mos, A Liv S A StP-Mos
As you know the rule say that when two units of the same strength attack the same same the will bounce and if there is unit in that province it will not be dislodged. So Russia is very luckey in this situation.

A unit not orderd to move, one that is ordered to hold, to support, to convoy or is not ordered, can be supported. So when you think an army who is supporting needs some help in case he is attacked, you can support him.