If you want to play Diplomacy by e-mail, that is possible. It is very easy I will learn you how to play the game in a few steps. And if you don't know it yet at the end please let me know.

When you are planning to play a Diplomacy game, it is important for the judge to know who you are in order to determine if you are right for a particular game. Please fill out the following registration form by replacing the example text after the colons with proper information and return it to the judge. Name, phone and site are required. You should also list at least one email address that won't change.

-------  Cut here  -------
Name:      Aretha Holly
Phone:     (505) 555-5555
Site:      University of Hodunk
Address:   1515 St. Claws Lane, Kris Mass
Country:   USA
Email:, user@host.bitnet, host2!host1!user
Level:     Novice, Intermediate or Expert
Birthdate: Dec 25, 1907
Sex:       Female
Send this messages to a judge, so youu can play games at this judge. As far as I know there are the following judges available: You can query the database of people by sending a "whois user" request to the judge or you can get the entire database with "get whois". You may update this information at any time by sending in a new registration form. Note that you can use the information returned by the whois command as a template by throwing a REGISTER line in front, an END line on the end, changing the other information and sending it back to the judge. Please try to spell your site name the same way other players may have spelled it. Feel free to add additional information by making up your own keywords, but keep it under half a page.

The judge recognizes you by the return address in electronic mail that you send in. If you use multiple accounts, you can tell the judge that another return address should be considered the same person by sending an "IamAlso address" command from the new account, where "address" is one of the electronic mail addresses that you listed on your Email line when you last registered.