Unless otherwise specified, orders will be processed on the following schedule:
Moves   clock 1410 min 12.00 next 72.00 grace 168.00 delay 0.50 days --TWTF-
Retreat clock   -1 min  0.00 next 24.00 grace  72.00 delay 0.50 days --TWTF-
Adjust  clock   -1 min  0.00 next 24.00 grace  72.00 delay 0.50 days --TWTF-
The parameters are as follows:
If non-negative, indicates the minutes past midnight to which the initial deadline will be set. 1410 is eleven thirty pm.
Indicates the minimum number of hours that can elapse between the previous phase and the new phase. Thus, in the above example, there will be at least 12 hours after a build or retreat phase before the movement orders will be processed. This parameter has no real use other than to prevent a runaway situation if all of the powers in a game were to go CD.
Indicates the number of hours after the previous phase is processed that the new deadline will be set. This may be increased to fit into the values of the 'clock' and/or 'days' parameters. In the default case, movement orders are three days after the previous phase. However, because of the setting of days, if this falls on a weekend it will slide to Tuesday.
Indicates the number of hours the deadline will be extended if not everyone has gotten their orders in yet. In the default case, a grace period of one week after the initial deadline is allowed. When the deadline comes up, a reminder message will be sent to everyone who hasn't gotten their orders in and a notice will be sent to the other players and observers in the game indicating who is late. The reminder will then be sent to the late parties every day. If orders have still not been received within 24 hours of the grace period, a notice will be sent to all players and observers in that game indicating that the late power has been abandoned. Abandoned powers may be taken over by anyone not already playing a power in the game merely by signing on with any password. If orders are still not received before the grace period expires, that power will be marked "Civil Disorder" and the phase will be processed with incomplete orders. On subsequent phases powers marked CD will not be considered when deciding whether the deadline should slide. When a valid signon is received, the CD and/or abandonded status will be cleared.
Indicates the number of hours after the last required orders have been received before the orders will be processed. The default for this is set such that if all powers get their orders in before the deadline, the orders will be processed one half hour later. This gives people a little time to change their mind after orders are submitted.
Specifies which days of the week are valid for the setting of the initial deadline. This has no effect on the sliding of the deadline as specified by grace or delay. An uppercase letter indicates that that day of the week is okay. If the letter is lowercase, then the deadline is delayed until after noon. A dash indicates that the deadline cannot fall on that day of the week.
These parameters can be changed by the master. If you want to change the settings, you have to send a message to the master of that game, or let someone you know create such a game.

Two settigs you can use to influence the game speed a little:

   SET WAIT            Per user, specifies that orders should not be
   SET NOWAIT          or should be processed before the DEADLINE.
Orders can be sent in anytime before the deadline. If multiple movement orders are received for the same unit, the most recent one received will override the earlier one. Attempting to build or debuild too many units during the adjustments phase will cause the earliest received build/debuild requests to be ignored. Thus you can send in preliminary movement orders immediately and then send in revised orders after you change your mind from diplomatic talks. Beware, though, that if everyone gets their orders in before the deadline, the orders may be processed before you have a chance to get your revised orders in. If you toss a "set wait" command into your orders, you can avoid having your orders processed before the deadline. When you've decided that your orders are final, you can send in a message with a 'set nowait' command to allow the orders to be processed as soon as the delay period expires and everyone else has their orders in. If the reply mail to any order indicates that there was an error or you have a unit that you did not supply an order for or you didn't explicitly specify all your builds, debuilds or retreats, the flag indicating that your orders have been received will not be set. Note that all builds must be specified or explicitly "waived" before the adjudicator will consider your build orders complete unless it is impossible to build all units (eg: five supply centers taken in a single year or no vacant home centers). An error free set of orders will be required to set the "has submitted orders" status. If no error free orders have been received by the time the grace period expires, the partial orders will be processed and the CD status will be set for your power.

There are penalties for missing deadlines. The judge attempts to keep track of how dedicated you are to the game on the following schedule:

    +3 points for getting your orders in on time.
    -1 point  for each "deadline missed" reminder the judge sends you.
   -50 points for becoming abandoned.
  -100 points for missing the grace period and going CD.
There is no penalty for resigning before a deadline or if you submit complete orders BEFORE you resign. However, you will continue to receive the -1 point penalty every day that your power remains abandoned after the deadline. If your power goes CD after you've resigned without anyone else taking the power over, you will receive the CD penalty as well (this is to discourage you from resigning when you're down to a few units which could be used to affect the final outcome of the game, but you've just lost interest). Your rating on this scale is displayed by the 'list' command.