Cutting Support

If a unit ordered to support is attacked from a different spacce in wich he is giving support or is dislodged by an attack from any space, his support is cut. The unit he was supporting will not recieve his support.

 Example 1  GERMANY: A Kie-Ber, A Mun S A Kie-Ber
 RUSSIA: A Ber Holds, A Sil-Mun
The German support is cut by the army from Silesia.

 Example 2  GERMANY: A Kie-Ber, A Mun S A Kie-Ber
 RUSSIA: A Ber-Mun
The support is not cut. The support is under attack from the province he is attacking, so the support is not cut.

 Example 3  GERMANY: A Kie-Ber, A Mun S A Kie-Ber
 RUSSIA: A Ber-Mun, A Sil S A Ber-Mun, F Bal-Ber
The German support is cut because he is dislodged. The Fleet in the Baltic see makes sure that the army from Kiel can't enter Berlin.

 Example 4  GERMANY: A Ber Holds, A Mun-Sil
 RUSSIA: A Pru-Ber, A Sil S A Pru-Ber,
A Boh-Mun, A Tyr S A Boh-Mun
Note that the Army in Munnich is dislodged and still cuts the support from the army in Silesia. So any attack upon a unit supporting another cuts that support.

So now you know everything about supporting unnits, but what happens if the unit is dislodged? Well the answer is simple, he may retreat or disband that unit. The unit may retreat to any spacy he could move to. Soo he can't retreat to a space where its attacker came from, or to a space wich is empty, where two units bounced in. You may also choose to disband the unit. If two units can retreat to the same space, the retreat orders must be written down on a sheet of paper. If the units retreat to the same space they will both be disbanded.