Convoy Order

In this game it is also possible to convoy an army across an body of water. A fleet in a body of water may convoy an army from any province that borders that body of water to another province that boarding theat body of water. To do do this the army must be ordered to move to that province and the fleet must be ordered to convoy that unit. If you want an army in London convoyed to Holland. England must order: "A Lon-Hol, F Nth C A Lon-Hol". You can also convoy units fromm another power. A fleet may only convoy on unnit during one turn.

If you want to disrupt the convoy, you must dislodge the fleet, or bounce the army out of its destination. When the fleet is dislodged the army will stau in its originally province.

Example 1 FRANCE: A Spa-Nap, F GoL C A Spa-Nap, F Tyn C A Spa-Nap
ITALY: F Ion-Tyn, F Tun S F Ion-Tyn
They convoy is disrupted because the fleet was dislodged. When there are two convoy routes and one is disrupted the army will still land using the other route. I don't think you need an example. But for the one who needs one here it is.

Example 1 FRANCE: A Spa-NoA, F MAO C A Spa-NoA, F Wes C A Spa-NoA
ITALY: F Tyn-Wes, F Gol S F Tyn-Wes