VAX/VMS XYZZY Reference Card

This file is preformatted, as it is distributed with the XYZZY program.

                                                              Release 2.10
                           ++  X Y Z Z Y - V A X  ++                         
                         A "Deluxe" Chatting Program                        
             Created by David Bolen (Mithrandir) - Y612DB3L@CMCCVB         
                   Copyright (c) 1987 - All Rights Reserved                 
                            Quick Reference Card
                              For Version 2.10

Following is a list of all of the valid Xyzzy-Vax commands. Each command is shown along with it's syntax, and a short explanation. Note that capitals are used to show the minimum legal abbreviation of a command. In the descriptions below, the following conventions are used to show the command syntax: < ... > Angle Brackets are used to denote optional items. X | Y This shows that either X or Y may be chosen. ( X A parenthesis shows that X is an option. When "id" is specified as part of the syntax, it refers to one of the following: Nickname - Nickname which is found in your NAMES file or a local nickname in use within Xyzzy-Vax User - User at your local node or a user who is in the Xyzzy-Vax "talking" list User@Node - User at a remote node as specified User AT Node - Same as User@Node except using the word "AT" # - Number of person in the Xyzzy-Vax "talking" list Any of the above forms may be optionally followed by "!nick" where nick is a temporary nickname for use within Xyzzy-Vax, and (Real Name. For example: .ADDN USER@NODE!Nick(Real Name (See the Xyzzy-Vax help section on Names files for more information) (Note that in the form user@node or user AT node - the construct user%endnode@Node can be used. This will indicate the person to be user@endnode - with Node being used as an intermediate node for routing. For more information, see the Xyzzy-Vax help section on the ROUTE command)
C O M M A N D S Add id Add a new user to the list of users known to the program ADDMacro macro definition Add a macro to the user-defined macro list ADDNick id < (Full Name <,Notebook> > Add person to names file, optionally specifying full name & notebook ALarm hour':'minute|(nothing)|'Midnight|Noon'|'RESET'|'OFF' Set/Examine/Reset the time when XYZZY should notify you. CHange id new_id Change an item in the talking list to another person CLs (no arguments) Clear the display screen CMD node rscs_command Send an RSCS command to the specified node Cms (nothing) | dcl_command Execute a DCL command - for compatibility with XYZZY (VM) CP (nothing) | dcl_command Execute a DCL command - for compatibility with XYZZY (VM) DCl (nothing) | dcl_command Execute a DCL command from within Xyzzy-Vax Delete id | '*' Delete a user from the "talking" list. * = delete all users DELmacro macro Delete a macro from the user defined macro list Exit (no arguments) Exit back to DCL Files (nothing) | 'RESET' | 'CLEAR' | SearchString Display status of sent files FINd id (Same as WI command) Group (nothing) | message Send a message to all defined users Help (nothing) | (partial command)<*> | 'IDINFO' | 'KEYS' Display help on specified command(s) HIstory (nothing) | # | '*' < (id | > Display or all selected portions of message history HOld (nothing) | id Hold several lines and send them as a single message HOOks (nothing) Unused command. For compatibility with XYZZY (VM) ID id Sends "id file" to user. (file sent specified by IDFILE setting) Ignore id | * Add user to ignore list (* = ignore all users not in talk list) List (nothing) | 'ignoring' | 'talking' List one or both of the talking and ignoring lists LISTMacro (no arguments) List all defined user macros LOg (nothing) | 'ON' | 'OFF' Controls the logging of screen output to a log file MAcro filename < (DISPLAY > Interprets lines in file as if you had typed them MOds (no arguments) Show modifications added between version 1.0 and version 2.0 Namezon nodes | ^nodes | * | ALL < (DSC, LOG, NOT > Sends out queries for names file entries for the given node NIck id nickname Changes nickname for a user in the talking list NOignore id | * Remove user from ignore list (* = remove all ignorees) QSetting (nothing) | (partial setting)<*> Shows values of all settings, or just specified ones QTalk (no arguments) Exit back to DCL - for compatibility with XYZZY (VM) Query id | * Send a query to see if specified user is logged on (* = all users in talking list) QUIt (no arguments) Exit back to DCL - for compatibility with XYZZY (VM) REstore (nothing) | option',restore Restore one or all XYZZY settings back to their defaults SAVEMacro (no argumetns) Save user defined macros to disk Send id message Send a message to specified user SET option <=> setting Allows you to change the program "settings" The following settings are supported (defaults are in parentheses): Beep Whether or not to beep (if possible) on messages. (No) BEEPCHar Character string to send to terminal to cause beep. ('') BEEPCMd Unused setting - for compatibility with XYZZY (VM). ('') BEEPDelay Delay between msgs needed to cause 2 beeps (# seconds). (1) Clock Should the time be displayed. See TStamp. (No) CMdchar Character signifying an Xyzzy-Vax command. ('.') CNode CommandNode used to send .Namezon queries thru. (local node) COnvsize Size (# of ids) of the convert "cache" (25) Dispform Standard id display (Y = (node)user, N = user@node) (Yes) Expand Should outgoing lines be expanded (No) EXPANDCh Expansion character for input line expansion ('$') FIletrack Whether file messages should be "tracked" (Yes) FMsg Display RSCS file transmission messages (Yes) FNotify Notify when a sent file reaches its destination (Yes) Group Display note after messages sent to entire list (Yes) HIGh Character string to set terminal to on high intensity (varies) History Number of lines logged by the history function. (15) IBMMode Put screen in HOLDING state rather than scroll. (No) IDfile Name of file to be sent by the ID command ('') IGNDelay Incoming msg delay for two ignore msgs to be sent (secs) (10) IGNMsg Message sent to an ignored user. Defaults to: "I'm currently busy, and can't talk now. Your message has been logged." Ignore Whether to announce when a message has been ignored. (No) IGNOREAll Whether to ignore everyone except those being talked to. (No) INsize The incoming message "split" size. (65) Jmsg Display RSCS "junk" messages (Yes) Logignore Whether or not to log all messages that are ignored. (Yes) LOw Character string to reset term to normal intensity (varies) MPrefix Prefix string put in front of all outgoing messages ('') MSglocal Unused setting - for compatibility with XYZZY (VM). (Yes) NAmefile NAMES file to use. (Username) NOPrefix Character signifying not to use a message prefix (')') NOTify Whether messages not to current user should say so. (Yes) NOWrap Character signifying an outoing line shouldn't be split ('>') NUmhist Default number of history lines to display in .HISTORY. (3) OPMSplit Split RelayOp msgs (NOTE:will not matter to non-ops) (Yes) Outsize The outgoing message "split" size. (50) Pfkeys Unused setting - for compatibility with XYZZY (VM) (Yes) QUERYDsc Whether or not to display disconnected query returns. (Yes) QUERYLog Whether or not to display logged in query returns. (Yes) QUERYNot Whether or not to display not logged in query returns. (Yes) RNick Whether to show a relay's nickname in front of msgs. (No) RPrefix Whether or not to send the msg prefix to relays as well. (No) SHownick Whether nicknames should be used in front of msgs at all. (Yes) Timemark Whether or not a timemark is needed in front of each msg. (No) TIMEDelay The delay between msgs needed for two timemarks (secs). (1) TStamp Time delay for showing the clock (min). (30) XDirectory Directory containing Xyzzy-Vax related files (varies) SHow (nothing) | (setting)<*> Shows value of all settings, or just specified ones SPawn (nothing) | dcl_command Executes an interactive or full-screen DCL command from within Xyzzy-Vax STop (no arguments) Exit back to DCL - for compatibility with XYZZY (VM) SWitch id Switch to a different current user Time (no arguments) Displays the current date and time Version (no arguments) Displays the current version of all major Xyzzy-Vax modules Who (no arguments) Display name of person to whom messages are currently sent WI id Displays names file information on a person (WI = WhoIs) ? (nothing) | (partial command) (Same as HELP command) NOTES: There is two exceptions to the rule that a period must always be followed by a standard command: Firstly it may also be followed by a "id". If there is a message on the line, it is then interpreted as a SEND to that id, otherwise, it is considered a SWITCH. For example: (assuming that DAVID is a legal nickname from your names file) .DAVID is equivalent to .SWITCH DAVID .DAVID Hi is equivalent to .SEND DAVID Hi (or if there exists a user DB3L @ CMUCCVMA in your talking list) .DB3L is equivalent to .SWITCH DB3L@CMUCCVMA .DB3L is equivalent to .SEND DB3L@CMUCCVMA Hi (and so on...) Making use of this can make it easier to communicate with people other than your "current user", and nicer to switch to a new current user. Secondly a . may be followed by a Macro Command that was defined using the .ADDMacro command. Any parameters following the Macro Command will be passed on. For eaxmple: .ADDM SHU .DCL SHOW USERS followed by .SHU ROSK will show if user ROSK is logged on the local node. Macrocommands may contain Expansion sequences. The Macrocommand must be defined with Expand set off, and executed with Expand set on.
[Revision 2.10 by Robert Skegg ROSK@SSCVX1 24 August 1989]