SMART Hints for VM/CMS

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/*                                                                           */
/*                      SMART HINTS For SmartChat Exec                       */
/*                              Programmed by:                               */
/*                Abdullah AL-Sumairi STUCA1D@SAUPM00.BITNET                 */
/*                                                                           */
/*                            SmartChat ver 1.00                             */   
/*                         This file is written by:                          */   
/*                           Abdullah Al-Sumairi                             */   
/*                                                                           */   
/*                                                                           */   
  Please read carefully, these are some hints you may need if you use SmartChat
1) How to Write the INITIAL, FINAL, BEFORE, AFTER and LOOP files:
  SmartChat will look for those 5 files before, after and while it  is working. 
 the SMART INITIAL file  will be executed when SmartChat begins and  the  FINAL 
 will be in the  end . SMART BEFORE  and  SMART AFTER  files  will  be executed 
 before abd after the  SmartAway. The SMART LOOP  file will be  executed  while 
 SmartChat running.  and they  are  all  written in  the  same way in order for 
 SMART  EXEC  to  understand  them. it is  easy to write  them because they are 
 written  in  the  same  way  you type  the  commands  while  working  with the 
 SmartChat. here are some notes about that:
  a) the line starting with '*' will not be read by  SMART EXEC so you can  put 
 there any information and comments you want.
  b) the line starting with '.' will considered as a SmartChat command.
  c) anything else will be send to the current user or to the CMS.
for example lets take this INITIAL file:
    * this is my SMART INITIAL file
    * users not to add:
    .dont add OPRUTIL
    .dont add NETSERV@SAUPM00
    * users not to answer:
    .dont answer OPERATOR
    * users not to record:
    .dont record MAILER@GREARN
    * user to ignore:
    .ignore STUQR01@SAKSU00
    * users to add:
    .add fire
    .add relay@uscvm!relay1
    .add relay@vtbit!relay2
    * settings:
    .set insize 50
    .set outsize 100
    .set loop yes
    .set loopdelay 10
    * Query Nodes:
and this is a sample FINAL File:
     * i want to logoff after finishing Chatting
     .cms logoff
  2) How To use the Query Commands:
  there are three Query Commands, ALL, NAMES and QUERY. each  one of  them has a
different function:
  a) if you want to get the names in one node these are the names of  the  users
who are logging on disconnected. if you want to scan  only  the logging on users 
then type:
          .all NODE /nodsc
          .all NODE /nolog to see only the disconnected users.
  b) if you want to send queries to all users in your  names file  then use  the
here are some examples:
     .NAMES all
     .NAMES online 
     .NAMES offline
     .NAMES all /nodsc
     .NAMES all /nolog nonot
     .NAMES all /nodsc nolog
     .NAMES all ^NODE          (all users but users in that node).
     .NAMES NODE               (users only in node NODE).
 NOTE: this command will only send queries for users in your names file.
for example if you dont want for some users to be scaned then add this  to  your
names file beside that user:
first: in the ready  type  : names
then add this line:
tag: smart                     value: no
for example:
userid: RELAY             NODE: USCVM                  NOTEBOOK:
tag: smart                      value: no
   c) the QUERY command is only used to send one query only to one user.
   .QUERY 1          (sends a query to no.1 in the talking list).
  Please if you have problems using SMART EXEC or you have anything to say about
then contact the Author:
   Abdullah AL-Sumairi  STUCA1D@SAUPM00.BITNET