Background Information for the RELAY Historical Pages

Important Remark:

These pages are still under construction. The last modifications I have to make are just minor ones, and they will be finished within a few days from now, one of them is a no-frames version. And now it is December the 5th.


The EARN/BITnet RELAY pages can only be seen in a historical context. With the decline of BITnet and the advance of Internet chat utilities, the original (yes, the original) RELAY belongs to a past, never to be remembered by the majority of the Internet users.

The RELAY pages were stored at the web-server at the University of Nijmegen, at the time I was a RELAY masteroperator. As the pages have no definite purpose anymore, I decided to move them to my personal pages. If there is a more suited place to put the pages, I would be glad to be informed.

I have no purpose nor intention to give an introduction or history of RELAY. There are only two intentions to save the pages.

The pages are presented as is. No further modifications have been made, only for the purpose for not obscuring history. HTML has been developed since and there are a lot of 'improvements' that could be made to the pages, even up to the point of eliminating HTML errors. So be it!
The pages are embedded in a frame now, where there is a constant reminder of the historical meaning. I have made no navigation bar, so navigating is sometimes only possible with help of the back button.

Note for former Relay operators:

Former Relay operators of the EARN/BITnet Relay Network can submit their contributions or remarks. In due time I will compele them (if any) into a seperate page, linked to this one.

Note for former Relay users:

Former Relay users are invited to send any remark, comment or suggestion to me, so I can improve the historical contextualization of these pages, and compile them also into a seperate page.
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Thanks to... all the former EARN/BITnet Relay users over the world. With special thanks to a lot of them in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Poland and Hungary. (Maybe a 'Relay Missing Persons' page would be in place? ;-)
Well...     Let's go to the original RELAY pages!

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