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EARN/BITnet translation page

Find Internet aliases for (deleted) BITnet addresses

An Archive of early network publications.
(including the early Bitnet Chat controversy)

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Relay Info File

This file is a compilation of two documents, one written by Valdis Kletnieks (VALDIS@VTVM1), and the other by Leanne Phillips (, Paul B. Davidson (ELMO@DRYCAS), Ben Perkins (, Reba Taylor (REBAT@VTVM1), and Dov B. Toren ( Additions, updates, and editing were provided by Alex Rudd (AHRJJ@CUNYVM) and Fred Melssen (MELSSEN@HNYKUN51).

Some minor changes have been made by Fred Melssen.
The file is split into three parts:

Information about Relay and how to use it

Relay's Rules and Guidelines

Relay Frequently Asked Questions


VM/CMS CONS EXEC - Console Log
VAX/VMS XYZZY Reference Card
Smart EXEC Commands
Smart EXEC Hints

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Created for the RELAY community by Fred Melssen (Modified on August 26, 1996)

DISCLAIMER: The RELAY rules and policies described in these pages are enacted on the Holland RELAY (RELAY@HEARN). Other RELAY's may have different rules and policies.