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Thuis pagina van Piet Buivenga.

The modern composer refuses to die. These are some great modern composers:

Frank Zappa

There are multiple Frank Zappa sites, but if you go to this ones, you'll find them all.

Robert is doing a great job! You'll find it on : St.Alphonzo's Pancacke Homepage

The official Zappa Family Trust page is at: The Zappa Family Trust Homepage

Piet de Doelder Site is here. He's running the Black Page Magazine and Newsletters.

From these pages you can find your way to many more Zappa and Zappa-related sites. Another starting point is:

On the Holland Festival page there is still some material on the program around Frank Zappa they've done in summer 2000.


4FM has an intresting set of MP3 and Real Audio files available. These files contain interviews with Zappa as broadcasted in the 4FM program during 1999.

Check out an interview with Terry Bozzio on Slagwerk site . Or visit Terry's homepage .

Keep on checking station Radio 4 on Supplement Actueel for more interesting programs.

Edgar Varese

This site hase some more informatation on: Edgar Varese. But this site has gone off-line....
or, a nice site with modern music knowledge...: Knowledge WEB

The Search Tool:

The search tool for the WWW.

The Wijk bij Duurstede municipal home site:

Some more information on the Wijk 700 celebrations in 2000:
Nice old place:

Het Humanistisch Verbond:

Zelf Denken Samen Leven.



To get some Wall Street Quotes:

Still riding the Bike..

Go for the Yamaha TDM 850.

There are some more starting places of course:

Planet Sports (Italian) for some general starting points. If you're more into racing, try the official site at Dorna for Grand Prix racing. The official site for Superbike racing information is at SBK.

Check also the KNMV site...

Some other sites of interest:

Engineering Business Logistics site..

Airmiles.. KLM home site..

London Taxi's:

Some taxi's.. Some more.. And more..

The London Taxi manufacturer..

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