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Welcome on my MS-RDS page.
I am developing Services for the  integration of the fischertechnik Robo interface family, TX-Controller and TL-Controller into the MS-RDS environment. For these services there are already prototypes available.
I am also working with the 3D Visual simulation environment.

However my main point of interest is the use of the VPL. A visual programming language that makes message flow oriented design and programming available for a big audience.
Message flow is in my opinion also very suitable to support robotics and mechatronic project in a educational setting.
Not only at higher (technical) educational level (in the Netherlands HBO and University) but also at secondary educational level.
Because of my professional interest for education,  the didactical side of message flow oriented design and programming has also my full attention.
On demand I perform presentations about the use and integration of VPL in secondary education or higher education.
(MBO, HBO, Middelbare scholen) in Dutch.

Books about MS-RDS, 3D visual programming and Robotics

Professional MS-RDS (ProRDS)
Kyle Johns and Trevor Taylor
Wrox: ISBN 978-0-470-14107-6

3D Games
Alan Watt
Addison Wesley ISBN 0-201-61921-0

Learning XNA
Aaron Reed
O'Reilly ISBN 978-0-596-52195-0

The integration of fischertechnik into the MS-RDS environment

MS Robotics Developers Studio makes an integration of your fischertechnik models in the world of the PC easier.
You can use for example; a XBOX360 controller or a Wii controller device like the balance board or Remote to control your fischertechnik models.
Like RoboPro you are also programming in a visual language language, namely: VPL.


(MS-RDS 4 support)
For the fischertechnik TX-C

People with special interest can e-mail me
The documentation of the FtTx service for Robo TX-Controller


(MS-RDS 4 support)
Simulation of a FT-bot with a nice competition court from Bob Hope (Canada)


(MS-RDS 4 support)
For the fischertechnik TL-C

(Software is under development)
People with special interest can e-mail me


(MS-RDS 4 support)
The Ft16service for USB and RF connected FT-devices like:

It covers:

Software and documentation

The software and documentation is available for members of the LinkedIn Group
Integration of Fischertechnik interfaces in MS-Robotics Developper Studio logo Integration of Fischertechnik interfaces in MS-Robotics Developer Studio


Mathematics in relation with Robotics

For the MS-RDS site:

New tool and tutorials for learning about Robotics Developer Studio

(Published by Trevor Taylor Fri 26/02/2010 00:17)

Young Joon Kim in Korea maintains a web site about Robotics Developer Studio called Hello Apps. He has recently added the topics below:

Note that SPL (Simulation Programming Language) is Young Joon's own development environment for RDS. SPL adds a scripting layer to the RDS Simulator. Although it is based around simulation, the principles apply to real-world robotics as well.
There is a lot of great material on the web site, especially if you are just learning how to use RDS or if you might want to teach a class using RDS. You can download both RDS and SPL for free, which makes learning basic robotics very low cost.


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