Declaration of war against the United States of America

Submitted as a petition to the European Parliament on 9 March 2006.

I petition the European Parliament:

to note that the United States as a nation, and the American people, believe in the superiority of their national values, their political system, and their way of life;

to note that the American people hold their values to be universal in application (valid everywhere), and universal in their superiority (right and good everywhere they are applied), and that they regard this belief itself to be absolutely and self-evidently true;

to note that the American people define their system of values as 'freedom', and that accordingly, they are unable to recognise the legitimacy or rationality of any resistance to imposition of these values - which is in their eyes a choice for unfreedom;

to note that the American people regard their own values not simply as universal, but as a universal entitlement;

to recognise that these national values of the United States logically and inevitably lead to expansionist and crusading doctrines of foreign and military policy;

to note that officials of successive United States governments have repeatedly stated that they intend to bring 'freedom', in their sense, to all or part of the planet;

to recognise that the United States does intend to impose its values by force, even if the force is initially used on some other pretext, or in self-defence;

to note that the United States has indeed imposed its value system on certain other territories in the past, believing that action to be a 'liberation', and a benefit to the population affected;

to note that this imposition of values has affected successive territories, covering a cumulatively larger proportion of inhabited territory;

to recognise that in reality, the relationship of these territories to the United States is one of dependence, inequality, and often poverty - and that the United States exports its values, but does not redistribute its wealth;

to recognise that the United States will not desist from its intention to impose its values, and will not concede limits to the application of this strategy;

to recognise that the United States will not de-recognise the universality of its values, or accept a territorial limit to their application;

to recognise that the values of the United States are wrong, and that the prevention of their present and future imposition by the United States is morally legitimate and good;

and consequently, to declare war on the United States of America.

Why destroy the nation state?