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liberalism, market, ethics

nationalism, geopolitics, the state


urban issues and planning


Liberalism, market, ethics

Don't work hard!
Werk niet hard!

Defects of an open society (1997)
Why is libertarianism wrong?

The ethics of the free market

Death penalty for the rich (2002)

Liberalism: interacting to conserve (1996)
The politics of John Rawls (2002)
Ideology and ethics of Tony Blair

Internet as hyper-liberalism (1996)

Der Hyperliberalismus des Internet (1996)
Het liberalisme van het Net, NL samenvatting, 1996.
Internet kak Giperliberalizm, Russian version, 1998.
Liberalismus: Zusammenfassung (1996)
Liberalism: Summary(1996)
Liberalismo: ricapitolazione(1996)
Liberalisme: samenvatting (1996)

Why democracy is wrong

Oproep tot staatsgreep: streekvervoer (2003)
Democratische rechtsorde moet verdwijnen (2003)
The ethics of terror (2003)
Gijs de Vries / justifications for terrorism (2005)
Pope Benedict XVI and the EP as hostages
Euston Manifesto ideology (2006)
Het geweld van de SGP (2008)
Why human rights are wrong (2004)

How many people did Thatcher kill? (2000)

How would you feel if a million Soviet troops stormed your Reich Capital? (2001)
Why forget the holocaust?
Memory as ideology

Should art be destroyed? (2003)
Return and repatriation: ethics (2002)


Nationalism, geopolitics, the state

Genocide, world order, and state formation (1996)
The ethics of secession
Forms of state (1999)
Zionism = Racism (2002)
De staat Israël en het zionisme (2008)
Why multiculturalism is wrong (2003)
Çok-kültürlülük neden yanlıştır? (2003)

Immigration: what is happening in the Netherlands?

The nationalism of Pim Fortuyn (2003)
Integratie en extegratie
Paul Scheffer, ideoloog van de xenofobie
Ayaan Hirsi Ali (2006)
Raadsadres: anti-Islamisme (2008)
Raadsadres: xenofobie (2008)
In de Mohammed Bouyeristraat? (2008)

Why destroy the nation state?

World-nationalism: normative globalism as pan-nationalism. (2001)
Nederland: nieuwe grens, daarna opheffen (2003)
Israel's right to exist (2009)
Oproep tot landverraad (2004)
Legalise terrorism - legaliseer het terrorisme (2002)

Recolonisation: Timor, Kosovo, Iraq...?

The logic of the war in Bosnia (2002)
Why is NATO wrong? (2002)
Kosovo intervention ethics (2003)



Elements of a European Constitution
Alternative Declaration of European Values

All 10 million Europeans: demographic collapse


Urban, environment, planning

An urban ethic of Europa (1998)
Limiting Urban Futures (1998)
Urban sprawl justifies terrorism (2006)
Terrorism necessary to change modal split (2005)

Spatial development principles for the European continent (2000)
Defects of European spatial planning (2000)

Amsterdam Cycle Routes: urban region cross-section.

Mongolia and Wyoming/Montana: rich or poor, on high cold steppe. (2001)