dr Niels W. Bokhove
history of (modern) philosophy
cultural-historical projects

extensive knowledge of Central and East European culture and literature
specialisms: Franz Kafka, Sándor Márai, Bruno Schultz, David Vogel
biographical research on Martinus Nijhoff and Halbo C. Kool

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photo of F. Kafka
(foto: Wim Noordhoek, VPRO, 2006)

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The Prague author Franz Kafka
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January 2007 appeared at the Vitalis Verlag in Prague:

'A Great Artist One Day'. Franz Kafka as a Pictorial Artist. Ed. by Niels Bokhove & Marijke van Dorst. Transl. Rachel Ward (ISBN 978-80-7253-236-0).
English version of 'Einmal ein großer Zeichner'. Franz Kafka als bildender Künstler at the same publisher, 2006 (ISBN 3-89919-094-7).

>>More on 'A Great Artist One Day'/'Einmal ein großer Zeichner'...

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Present functions & activities

  • Freelance writer, literary historian, editor, etc. - at the moment some literary-historical projects:
    - the fruitful Utrecht years (1932-41) of the Dutch poet Martinus Nijhoff and his important relation to Josine van Dam van Isselt;
    - research on the famous circle of artists living in or frequently visiting Oudegracht 341 in Utrecht in the thirties: a.o. painter Pyke Koch, writers Cola Debrot, Jan Engelman, Martinus Nijhoff, musician Hans Philips;
    - biographical research on the less wellknown Dutch poet Halbo C. Kool (1907-68);
    - research on the history of the literary meetings and exhibitions at the famous Utrecht bookshop Broese, organised by its director Chris Leeflang since 1932;
    - reconstruction of the famous Dada performance in Utrecht, 29-1-1923, by Kurt Schwitters and Theo and Nelly (Petro) van Doesburg.
  • Organiser of literary-historical walks and trips: Nijhoff in Utrecht; Prague; Bergen (NH). - Together with journalist Paul Arnoldussen: Simenon in Liege; Ostend (forthcoming; a.o. Joseph Roth, Stefan Zweig, Irmgard Keun, Egon Erwin Kisch, Karel Jonckheere, Karel van de Woestijne, also James Ensor).
  • Writing a comprehensive book on the women in the life and work of Franz Kafka, thereby trying to look at the author from the women's perspective.
  • Contributor to the Kafka Circle's quarterly Kafka-Katern, 1993-....

    Former functions

  • Lecturer of course 'Writer under Habsburg. Six authors, their native soil and their time' (Franz Kafka, David Vogel, Bruno Schultz, Joseph Roth, Sándor Márai, Paul Celan), Volksuniversiteit Utrecht, 2007 (in Spring and Autumn).
  • Philosopher-member of the Advisory & Supervisory Council of the Internationale School voor Wijsbegeerte [International School for Philosophy], Leusden, NL, until 2006.
  • Curator-director ('conservator-directeur') of Comenius Museum, Naarden, 2004-2006.
  • Freelance tour manager for Voyage & Culture, Amsterdam. Trips to Prague and the Baltics, 2004-05
  • Member of the Jury of the Henriette Roland Holst Award 2002, Maatschappij der Nederlandse Letterkunde, 2001-02, and also 2008.
  • Co-founder and co-manager of TUMULT - Center for Debate on Social and Cultural Issues for Utrecht and its environs, 1996-2002.
  • Co-founder and chairman of the board of Ataraxia - Vereniging van Alumni der Faculteit Wijsbegeerte Utrecht [Society of Alumni of the Department of Philosophy, Utrecht University], 1996-97.
  • Chief-editor of the Kafka Circle's quarterly Kafka-Katern, 1993-2005. For publications: >> Publications: Kafka
  • Co-founder and chairman of the board of the Nederlandse Franz Kafka-Kring [Dutch Franz Kafka Circle], 1992-97.
  • General staff employee of national bureau Slachtofferhulp Nederland [Victim Support Netherlands], 1991-95. - Tasks: all generalist subjects; preparation and organisation of professional courses and of annual symposium for volunteers; support for setting up new regional organisations for victim support (Zaanstreek, Rivierenland [Culemborg], Southern Limburg); coordination and processing of data.
  • Assistent professor ("wetenschappelijk assistent"), Dept. of Philosophy, Utrecht University, 1984-88. - Research subject: history of the term 'phenomenology', 18th-20th century. Promotor: prof. dr. mag. Karl Schuhmann. - Promotion (1991) with dissertation 'Phänomenologie': Ursprung und Entwicklung des Terminus im 18. Jahrhundert ['Phenomenology': Origin and Development of the Term in the 18th Century]. For impressum, abstract and catchwords >> Publications: Philosophy.
  • Lecturer in philosophy and related disciplines in HBO (higher professional education) and MBO (intermediate professional education), section Social Service ("sociale dienstverlening"), 1981-84 & 1989.
  • Member of board of Vereniging voor Filosofie-Onderwijs [Society for Education in Philosophy], 1987-89.
  • Co-founder and president of national Stichting Post-Hoger Onderwijs Wijsbegeerte [Foundation Postgraduate Education in Philosophy], 1986-89.


  • Provinciaal Utrechts Genootschap voor kunsten en wetenschappen, since 1999.
  • The Kafka Society of America, New York, USA.
  • Spolecnost Franze Kafky [Franz Kafka Society], Prague, Czech Republic.
  • Deutsche Kafka-Gesellschaft, Bonn, Germany.
  • Ataraxia - Vereniging van Alumni der Faculteit Wijsbegeerte Utrecht [Society of Alumni of the Department of Philosophy, Utrecht University], since 1996.
  • Maatschappij der Nederlandse Letterkunde, since 1994.
  • Werkgroep 'Sassen' voor de geschiedenis van de wijsbegeerte in Nederland, Rotterdam, 1990-95.
  • NOW Geesteswetenschappen, since 1989.
  • Vereniging van Vrienden van de Internationale School voor Wijsbegeerte, Leusden, since 1984.


  • Study of philosophy,1974-81, Utrecht University. Additional disciplines: theatrology and comparative literature. - Publications: Philosophy & Publications: Franz Kafka.


    Current research and interests


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