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M.J.S. (Martijn) Bellemakers PhD
Centre for Water and Society
Faculty of Science, Mathematics and Computing Science
Radboud University Nijmegen
P.O. Box 9102
NL-6500 HC Nijmegen
The Netherlands
Tel. +31-(0)24-3652427
Mob. +31-(0)6-21238655
Fax +31-(0)24-3652430
e-mail: M.Bellemakers@science.ru.nl.

Visiting address: Toernooiveld 1 (room A0054), NL-6525 ED Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Curriculum vitae
Martijn is coordinator for the InterregIIIA (EU) project Transnational ecosystem based Water Management at the Centre for Water and Society of the University of Nijmegen. This project started in March 2004 and will continue until 2007. He will be responsible for the content of the project. Within this project there are two major deliverables:

  1. Development of an new and innovative Master of Science (Transnational ecosystem based Water Management), a new approach to land use and river management. This MSc will be developed in cooperation with the University of Duisburg and Essen (Germany).
  2. Development of two centres of education and knowledge in both the Netherlands (Nijmegen) and Germany (Duisburg): the Fluvion. These Fluvion centres aim to inform citizens of the Euregion about an innovative approach to land use and river management resulting in more room for rivers.
Martijn Bellemakers (1960) graduated in 1987 (biology) and finished his PhD (restoration of shallow surface waters) in 2000 at the department of Aquatic Ecology of the University of Nijmegen. From 1996 untill 2003 he was involved in the development of a compagny in Internet providing business, where he was responsible for customer relation management and supporting general management of the compagny.

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