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I handled all information technology related questions of the European Cetacean Society (ECS) since 1987 and all electronic communications (internet) from 1992 until the 2009. I have, on request of Council, after 22 years, handed over maintainance of the website and all mailing lists ( and to Council.
With kind regards,
Jan Willem Broekema
Old version of this site can be found at The WayBackMachine:
I can be reached at the following email address - jw at broekemaweb dot nl
The European Cetacean Society is the people society for each and everyone working on the research, care for or protection of marine mammals, (whale, dolphin, seal, walrus) with either a European research focus or a European background or affiliation. The ECS went onto internet in 1992 and had its first website in 1994.