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my first Guzzi: V65 Lario

November 1990: Bought a V65 Lario.
October 1991: Exit Lario due to an accident.

my Le Mans III, which gradually becomes a Le Mans 1000

24-Dec-91 at 17:00: Bought a pearl-white 1985 850 Le Mans III.
Apr-92: Replaced the mechanical twin contact breaker for a Dyna III ignition.
Nov-92: Replaced the valve guides to try to reduce an oil consumption of 1:1000.
May-93: While heading north for a Moto Guzzi meeting in Norway the oil consumption increased to 1:250; replaced the piston rings and the oilscraper ring.
Sep-93: Visited the factory
Sep-93: The rear break disk broke off when hanging in a nice right turn which is much more nice using the rear brake.
Apr-94: New 90 mm pistons + cylinders, LM-IV twin spark cylinder heads, double Dyna coils and Rennsport titanium push rods.
Jun-94: Honeymoon through Scandinavia; up along the eastern border of Finland to the ultimate north of the Norwegian mainland. Passed the 30 longitude to Vardoe and returned west to the North Cape. Then in that very, very lonesome north between Tanabru and Ifjord the battery ran dead. A wire of the rotor had broken but could be welded at the Nordkjosbotn Moto Guzzi service centre.
Oct-95: Moved from Alkmaar to Heerhugowaard.
Oct-95: The right conrod broke when driving 7500 rpm in 2nd gear and destroyed the engine. Worn-out clutch plates saved me from a crash, see also the pics down the page.
Apr-96: A complete new 1000 CC engine replaces the old one, see the engine on top of the page.
Jul-96: Lost the box with sparking plug sparks near Delft. But, there is 5 years of guarantee on a Dyna III ignition.
Jul-96: Replaced the cardan joint.
Dec-97: Broken upper fork yoke as a result of to close examination of the asphalt.
Jan-98...Jun-98 Le Mans IV yokes and stay tubes were mounted; the bottom yoke had to be modified to make it fit in the Le Mans III frame.
Replaced the rotten exhaust system with Lafranconi 'silencers' for a stainless steel exhaust system with Mistral silencers.
Replaced the seat.
Aug-98: Unable to adjust the idle speed and very poor cold start:
New: trottle valves 60/3, needles K5, atomizers 265 AB and idle jets 60.
Old: trottle valves 60/3, needles K8, atomizers 268 AB and idle jets 58.
Reduced the main jets from 140 to 132 to try to lower the extreme fuel consumption with the new settings in the carbs.
Aug-98: Generator light stays lit and battery is not loaded; home made rectifier and regulator.

26-Aug-98: Birth of Niels Lucas.
Dec-98: Battery loading problems, broken wires in both the control grips and fire in the contact lock. Replaced the wiring, the control grips and modified the throttle grip to use Le Mans V throttle cables.
Put back the K8 needles, 268AB atomizers, the 58 idle jets and the 138 main jets as a results of to high fuel consumption with the K5 needles 265AB atomizers and the 60 idle jets.
Oct-99: Bought a Moturist P2 side car.
Nov-99: Had the side car connected to the Le Mans III.
fuel comsumption: 1 liter / 10 kilometers.

14-Nov-00: Birth of Jens Mathijs.
Jun-01: Disconnected the side car from the Le Mans.
Overhauled the gearbox which shifted very bad through the gears.
Mar-03: Renewed the DYNA III ignition due to very poor engine performance in the winter.
Apr-03: Lost the fuel filler cap cover somewhere.
May-03: Mounted a new fuel filler cap cover.
Jun-03: Placed an electronic Sigma Sport BC800 speedo meter on the handle bar because the mechanical speedo cable drive on the gearbox is worn out and can not be removed.
Oct-04: Ordered a new motorcycle; delivery in March 2005
Feb-05: Replaced the sparking plug wires.
Jun-13: 'Sold' the Le Mans III and the Moturist P2 for an AF-S Nikkor 85mm 1:1.8 G.

discontinued or...... V11 Le Mans

Some pics of damaged parts:

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