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Notes on Rubik's Magic Cube
David Singmaster
Enslow Publishers, Hillside, NJ, 1981
Simply the best (w.r.t. The Cube)
Rubik's Cubic Compendium
Erno Rubik, Tamas Varga, et al, Edited by David Singmaster
Oxford University Press, 1987
Enslow Publishers Inc
Metamagical thema's: questing for the essence of mind and pattern
Douglas R. Hofstadter
Basic Books, 1985
There are two chapters one the Cube and variants. But it is an interesting book in it self.


Note: The following are mathematical articles. So they are understandable for (under)graduates and interested readers who are willing to delve into the rich world of (mathematical) Grouptheory.
Rubik's Revenge: The Group Theoretical Solution
Mogens Esrom Larsen
American Mathematical Monthly Vol. 92 No. 6, June-July 1985,
pp. 381-390.
This, besides giving a solution for the 4^3, can give you a nice idea how you can proceed to solve an individual puzzle.
Rubik's Groups
E. C. Turner & K. F. Gold,
American Mathematical Monthly vol. 92 No. 9 November 1985,
pp. 617-629.
They give a algorithm to solve a class of Cube-like puzzles. Namely those which are regular solids and for which you can turn only sides. (Of course some more by dualization)
Cubelike Puzzles - What Are They and How Do You Solve Them?
J.A. Eidswick
American Mathematical Monthly Vol. 93 No. 3 March 1986,
pp. 157-176.
A very nice article which gives 7 propositions (and proofs (-:). They can often be used and can save some (well, ok a lot) of time.

Of course there are a lot more but these I read. A few I have not read (yet):

The Slice Group in Rubik's Cube,
David Hecker, Ranan Banerji
Mathematics Magazine, Vol. 58 No. 4 Sept 1985
The Group of the Hungarian Magic Cube
Chris Rowley
Proceedings of the First Western Austrialian Conference on Algebra, 1982

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