Here is a short list of (some of) the Puzzle-books I own and enjoy reading (over and over and...):

The Chicken from Minsk
Yuri B. Chernyak and Robert M.Rose
Basic Books, A division of HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. (1995)
The best problem and puzzle book I encountered !
Category: Mathematical physics
(If you know any like these, Please let me know)
Labyrinths of reason; Paradox, puzzles and the frailty of knowledge
William Poundstone
Penguin books (1991) (reprint)
Real fun reading and... well the title says it all.
Category: Philosophy, puzzles
What is the name of this book?
The Lady or the Tiger?
Raymond Smullyan
I realy should include all of Smullyan's books... but I still haven't got anymore >-: If you like logic puzzles then look for his books
Category: Logic
(He also wrote some books with Chess puzzles)
Mathematical puzzles & Diversions
More Mathematical puzzles & Diversions
Mathematical Carnival
Martin Gardner
Another very productive writer. Puzzles, but as (some of) the titles say, also other interesting mathematics related stuff.
Category: mathematical puzzles,...

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Author: Christian Eggermont
Last updated: 13 March 1997