Tangram image

The ancient Chinese puzzle-game Tangram (see figure above) is a (well know) kind of jigsaw puzzle. It is somewhat different from the european kind (you know the ones with curly edges and a few thousand pieces and not only seven). Don't think this jigsaw puzzle is easier, because it really is not. The purpose of Tangram is to (try to) make a figure of all seven pieces that you only know from it contour ('shadow'). Of course you may also try to make some new ones yourself. If you think this is an easy puzzle, try these for starters

Convex tangram forms

A different question is:

Can you prove that these 13 (the square also counts) convex polygons are all convex polygons anyone can form with the seven Tangram pieces !?

(don't tell me you found your answer, because I already know mine. Of course any comments are welcome)

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Author: Christian Eggermont
Created: 12 November 1996
Last updated: 18 August 1997