I collect Rubik's Cube-like puzzles (and related) and solved the ones I have. Well..., I think I have. Since writing this triggered unexpected problems related to deciphering and reconstructing the meaning of/in some of my notes. I'll try to give here the solutions I have found. It may however take some time to decipher my notes and make them understandable for other people... Here is a list of (some of) the 'Cube-like' puzzles I aquired (In no paricular order):

Square One (Terug naar af) [Photo in a twisted shape]
Mickey's Challenge [Photo] and Skewb (Schebus) [Photo]
Hockey Puck [Photo, the less interesting side]
From Rubik:
Magic Dodecahedron or Megaminx (Magische dodecaeder) [Photo]
Masterball (I have the beautifull WWF-Masterball [Photo])
Pyraminx (magische Piramide)
Barrel (Duivelston)
Babylone tower (Toverton)
Further Links and references
Other Puzzle Links and Cube-like Puzzles related Links
(including Ernö Rubik, java and other simulations and companies...)

By the highway, if you wondered why I put Rubik's Cube-type of puzzles under the heading 'Twisted-Mind-Games', just think about what gets twisted by playing with a 'Cube' <-;

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Author: Christian Eggermont
Last updated: 21 Juli 1998