Rubik's Magic Master Edition


This is a spoiler. It's more or less finished but with some work you'll hopefully understand the directions. Below is another challenge to keep you busy (o: The pictures are a bit "warped" since I used a webcam ... (I used Photoshop to "unwarp" them a bit... hope it helps).

step 1 The starting position. First flip as indicated by the arrows. The signature of Rubik is in the left upper square.
step 2 Flip the right-front two square's on the second layer up
step 3 Flip the left two squares of the right group on the second layer to the right
step 4 Flip the top-right square (-s two!) to the front
step 5 Flip the most right lowest layer square to the left
step 6 Flip the lowest layer (both squares) to the front
step 7 This is how it should look like now. Next turn the entire Magic over "on it's back"
step 8 Hold the Magic like this. The next moves concern the two squares at the front left corner and only the lower two layers.
step 9 Fold like this
step 10 Then like this..
step 11 Now flip the front (top layer) three squares up.
step 12 Flip the right two squares of the second layer to the left.
step 13 Flip three squares to the front (top "two" layers)
step 14 Fold the lowest square (from the three layer-packet) to the right
step 15 So that you can flip the lower-front layer towards you.
step 16 At this moment we only have one layer. Flip the two most squares below the rest to the right.
step 17 Flip from the lowest layer the front square to the back. (We get one packet of three layers)
step 18 Flip the top left corner-squares (top 2 of 3 layers) to the right.
step 19 Flip the two highest squares towards you.
step 20 Flip the two right squares of the top layer to the left.
step 21 Flip the two left squares of the lowest layer to the right below the others.
step 22 From the lowest layer flip the two squares which are the most far away from you towards you.
step 23 From the three-layer thick "square" flip the lowest two squares to the left.
step 24 Flip the most left (highest) square away from you.
step 25 Flip the two squares of the highest layer to the left.
step 26 Finished !

After this nice exercise try making the following:


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Author: Christian Eggermont
Created: 21 Juli 1998
Last updated: 25 October 1998