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  • The Search Engine Report
  • at searchenginewatch.com
  • WWWebster Thesaurus
  • travlang's Translating Dictionaries
  • A lot of (free) dictionaries Great !
  • OneLook Dictionaries
  • The Faster Finder
  • WWWebster
  • On-line English Dictionary and a Thesaurus, great
  • Webopaedia
  • Sandy Bay Software's PC Webopaedia - According to them: The #1 online encyclopedia and search engine dedicated to computer technology. Enter a search term or browse through the categories, and sail the Web!
  • Request for Comments (RFC)
  • Editor Homepage
  • Alta Vista
  • The fastest and largest searchengine at the moment...
  • Ilse
  • A Dutch searchengine
  • Lycos
  • Another large 1.
  • Hotbot
  • Another searchengine... includes searches restricted to a specified domain...
  • Point
  • They think they know what the most visited sites of the Internet are...
  • YAHOO!
  • A large search-engine with categories. 'I like iet...'

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