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  • The Why Files
  • Why is ... ? With scientific and understandable answers to some (and some less) common questions
  • De Jonge Onderzoekers
  • Nederland - De Nationale Wedstrijd voor Jonge Onderzoekers
  • de Nationale Wetenschapsquiz
  • Inclusief '95 en '96 en uiteraard de vragen van dit jaar !
  • The Object Server Home Page (COS)
  • The idea is that you specify a type of combinatorial object, together with specific parameter values, and COS will return to you a list of all such objects. COS can generate permutations, combinations, various types of trees, unlabelled graphs, linear extensions of posets, pentomino puzzle solutions, numerical partitions, and a host of other combinatorial objects.
  • The Seven Wonders
  • Everyone's heard of the Seven Wonders (if only through Civilitation (II)), but how much do you know about them? This detailed guide has images, information, speculation, and extensive historical data on the Seven Wonders, plus links to other archaeological resources
  • Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP) home page. Be skeptical...

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