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Links to WWW-pages

  • David Winkler's Burr Page
  • Another great Burr Page.
  • The burr puzzles site
  • A Burr Puzzle consists of at least three rods intersecting each other at right angles. This site lets you explore the six piece burrs. Immensly interesting
  • Sidney
  • Some puzzles he solved including the Bedlam Cube. Includes programs and source.
  • Cube puzzles
  • Soma cube, Bedlam cube. Includes TP programs.
  • The Soma Zone
  • The Soma Cube and Other Math Puzzles
  • The Soma Cube Page
  • Very nice pages with Soma puzzles and knowledge. Must see
  • Soma Applet
  • A very nice java-applet to play with the soma-pieces and lots a puzzles with solutions
  • Johan Myrberger
  • has an interesting list of 3x3x3 cube puzzles.
  • cubelist of Johan Myrberger
  • Since his homepage has way to many popups: a local copy of his interesting list of 3x3x3 cube puzzles.
  • CriCro
  • The New foam puzzle generation... Known from "Happy Cube" and others.
  • The Geometry Junkyard
  • DissectionSection
  • Dissection Tiling
  • at the Junkyard
  • Tiling and Packing results
  • results of Torsten Sillke and others.
  • Polyominoes
  • Information about filling rectangles, other polygons, boxes, etc., with dominoes, trominoes, tetrominoes, pentominoes, solid pentominoes, hexiamonds, and whatever else people have invented as variations of a theme. Nicely done. Includes references.
  • Pentominos Page
  • What do you think... it's about
  • Pentomino Puzzles
  • at COS.
  • Capito
  • Theo Steine's page on polyform puzzle sets which he designed. Includes those and other puzzles including some invented by others. Very nice pictures
  • book
  • Dissections: Plane & Fancy
  • Martin H. Watson's
  • Mechanical Puzzles Homepage

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