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  • Links to WWW-pages

  • Meffert's World of Puzzles
  • GREAT ! A really fine site. They sell Meffert's Cube-like puzzles. Check it Out!
  • Cubeworld
  • A nice overview of most of the currently known Cube-like puzzles which are (or were) manufactured. With pictures !
  • Tout sur le Rubik's Cube
  • Tout sur le Rubik's Cube (French version)
  • Cubes
  • An interesting site including info on a number of Cube-like puzzles. Also some raytraced pictures are available.
  • About Cube-like Puzzles
  • A nice 'simple' page explaining a few basics of how to start solving a Cube-like puzzle. What sort of questions you have to ask etc. Nice
  • Cube Lovers
  • Here you can browse the Cube-lovers-archive online. Indexed in several ways
  • FTP
  • FTP here the cube-lovers archive, a collection of the cube-s mailinglist
  • Gandalf
  • Georges Helm's homepage. With some links and info on Cube-like puzzles and an impressive list of references (book, papers; anything on paper)
  • Cube Explorer Homepage
  • Cube Explorer implements a sophisticated and very powerful algorithm. Confronted with scrambled Cubes of your choice, it produces some of the best, shortest solving maneuvers ever seen. This algorithm quickly provides a solving sequence of 19 moves on average, usually only one or two moves more than the perfect solution.
  • The CUBE Project
  • An Algebraic approach to the Rubik's Cube. Several links to Group Theory sites, plus downloadable software for visualizing and solving permutation puzzles of any order.

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