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  • Puzzler
  • A collection of sequential movement puzzles bundled in one program. 2x2x2 till 5x5x5 and Megaminx, pyraminx, skewb, rainbow masterball!
  • Cube Explorer Homepage
  • Cube Explorer implements a sophisticated and very powerful algorithm. Confronted with scrambled Cubes of your choice, it produces some of the best, shortest solving maneuvers ever seen. This algorithm quickly provides a solving sequence of 19 moves on average, usually only one or two moves more than the perfect solution.
  • VRML Animations
  • Impressive looking puzzles
  • The CUBE Project
  • An Algebraic approach to the Rubik's Cube. Several links to Group Theory sites, plus downloadable software for visualizing and solving permutation puzzles of any order.
  • Cube10
  • A Rubik's Cube simulation for OS/2 by Timothy F. Sipples.
  • Berto's Rubik's cube Page
  • A brute-force method rubik's cube 'solver'. For win95/NT

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