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  • Rubik's Cube Page
  • A java-cube by Neil Rashbrook. Very Nice. (URL and applet changed!) You can now play with 1x1x1 (boring <-:) and 2x1x1 till 4x4x4 ! Source is available.
  • Twisty Puzzles
  • A gallery of Rubik's-Cube-like puzzles built in Java (TM)
  • Rubik's Illusion
  • An on-line java-version of Rubik's answer to connect-4. Nice looking game. Although not really a cube-like puzzle still ...
  • Rubik's clock
  • An java-version of Rubik's Clock. Very nice graphics
  • Rubik Unbound
  • by Karl Hörnell
  • Virtual Rubik's Cube
  • by Song Li
  • Virtual Reality Magic Cube
  • by Michael Chang

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