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Links to WWW-pages

  • Meffert's World of Puzzles
  • GREAT ! A really fine site. They sell Meffert's Cube-like puzzles. Check it Out!
  • Mozaika
  • "A new color matching puzzle with 38 pieces. The unique mechanical design allows the 30 squares and 8 triangles to move to any other position on a spherical surface. Movements are made by rotating either one of the six hemispheres in 30 degree, 60 degree, or 90 degree increments. Also an put-together and take apart toy."
  • Rubik Online
  • The site of Rubik himself (with an old photo). More an advertisment then the 'richness' he claims it brings...
  • Masterball
  • The company which sells the masterball. Also contains a solution/spoiler for the rainbow masterball.
  • Hockey Puck Puzzle Page
  • The homepage of the company selling the Hockey Puck. They have 11 different styles.
  • World of Puzzles.
  • They also sell Cube-like puzzles and others.

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