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  • Overzicht
  • Een overzicht van Nederlandstalige e-zines en discussielijsten.
  • Hack-Tic Archive
  • Ze zeggen zelf: "Nederlands Grootste, Dikste, Voordeligste en Kleurrijkste Hacker-blad." Aardig.
  • Amazon.com
  • A Large online bookstore
  • Proxis
  • Online Bookstore. Verdict pending...
  • Loesje
  • Wie kent haar niet met haar teksten over de hele wereld (nou ja een aardig deel er van)
  • The Internet Public Library
  • Like a real public library, this site organizes books and reference collections into rooms and stacks. Click on the image maps for reference, youth, literature, and so on, and you'll find lots of useful links to searchable indexes and downloadable texts
  • Automagazine
  • According to them: The Complete Electronic Guide To Buying A Car In Belgium. In het nederlands en Frans ... Maar een engelse title!?
  • Roget's Thesaurus
  • Tired of using the same word day after day? Spice up your vocabulary with synonyms from Roget's online thesaurus
  • The Wordsmyth
  • English Dictionary-Thesaurus
  • The ETEXT Archives
  • Tap into electronic texts all over the Internet, including the Gutenberg electronic-books archive and a plethora of independent electronic publications and magazines
  • Banned Books On-Line
  • From Ulysses to Huckleberry Finn, this is the place to go to read books that somebody, somewhere, sometime, thought shouldn't be read by anyone. If you're shocked by the logic behind this literary cleansing, links to activist sites allow you to speak out

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