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  • kabalarians
  • 130,000 (baby) names with a description of the person that has such a name... fun (-:
  • The Fake Detective
  • Case Files: exposes fraude wrt 'famous nudes'.
  • Bert is Evil !
  • You thought Bert from Sesamy street is a simple dude... watch this page (-:
  • Front Anti Christmas
  • Read it !
  • A Girl's Guide to Geeks
  • Waarom ieder meisje eigenlijk met een nerd op stap moet.
  • The Field Guide
  • More insights on North American Males by comparing them to birds...
  • How to Install a Modem
  • Craziest Sites
  • The Craziest Sites on the Planet! With links to fun sites, screen savers and programma's which are weard...
  • Mr. Bean
  • goes Internet
  • Gratis spulletjes
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