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  • Perl
  • Java and JavaScript
  • Oberon
  • Delphi
  • Clean
  • Computer Algebra

  • Links to WWW-pages

  • Program.Com
  • Computing Dictionary
  • If you are talking, redirect others to this page...
  • the CGI-book
  • A guide for making cgi-scripts with lots of examples in perl, C en sh
  • CGI-Resources.com
  • Scripts, documentation, jobs, books, programmers and more. Great.
  • Matt's Script Archive
  • More cgi-scripts.
  • The Network book
  • Everything you need to know of network programming
  • Game Programming Site
  • Yes, do it yourself is a fun, although masochistic game
  • iMatix
  • Great Project. Free Webservers + source etc.
  • Borland
  • www.metrowerks.com
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