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  • The Perl Institute
  • Practical Extracting and Reporting Language - A powerfull language, used for instance to make these linkpages from my bookmarkfile. (and this is a-typical humourless)-:
  • comp.lang.perl.misc
  • Newsgroup
  • MacPerl Homepage
  • MacPerl FAQ
  • Perl
  • Perl: The Swiss Army Chainsaw; Manuals, Libs on Mac and Unix Perl and a LOT More... If you haven't see this, you haven't been NoWhere.. (-;
  • ActiveWare
  • Perl for Win32 (win NT)
  • CGI Scripts
  • Building-blocks for CGI Scripts in Perl
  • libwww-perl
  • WWW Protocol Library for Perl
  • perlWWW
  • Perl Mongers
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