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  • DTP Zone
  • 'The DTP Zone is a community effort. These pages are filled with tips and tricks from many different desktop publishers, who get the opportunity to market their own web sites here.'
  • GIMP
  • Gimp is an image manipulation program released under the Gnu general public license. It looks a lot like Photoshop. Available (for free) for several Unix and linux versions.
  • POV-Ray
  • the Persistence of Vision Raytracer. A great Freeware Raytracer
  • Adobe Photoshop Resources
  • Web Designer's Paradise
  • Nice
  • Spanky
  • This is a collection of fractals and fractal related material for free distribution on the net. Most of the software was gathered from various ftp sites on the internet and it is generally freeware or shareware. Very nice.

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