Bernard's Links



My favourite links


My favorite links

Family and friends

  • Kike is my wife.
  • Our new web site with pictures of the wedding and honeymoon !!!!
  • My cousin Darius, a world famous uncle, hides himself behind Phidani
  • Jan Willem de Blok is the master of geo-education at Utrecht University

    Geological Links

  • The net-site for the geology of North Africa and the Middle East by Cornell University.
  • The HeidelbergGeoPages: A center for research on the Precambrian in Egypt
  • Allmendinger's structural geosoftware for the Mac: Great!
  • The Geological Society Its Tectonics Studies Group
  • The Geological Society of America
  • Earth Sciences Links: A very complete geolinks page, my favorite.
  • A good structural geology links-page
  • Australian Geolinks
  • Well organized and complete geolinks from Switzerland
  • A German geowebsite with an introduction on earth sciences on the web and many geolinks
  • The Soft Earth: Complete links on geosoftware.
  • Geosoftware links for the Mac

    Other Links

  • Lonely Planet: This is a site for travellers. With this site you can get everywhere. The site contains letters from travellers with advises on travelling in countries, all over the world.
  • NRC
  • De Volkskrant
  • De Telegraaf