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I am a part-time geology Ph.D. student at the Earth Sciences department of Utrecht University in the Netherlands. The subject of my research is the Late Proterozoic of the Arabian-Nubian Shield. This sounds pretty broad but I have picked just three areas from this impressive shield, that are typical for its tectonic development through time. These three areas are:

The Bi'r Umq Complex in West central Saudi Arabia

The Tabalah area in South Western central Saudi Arabia

The Wadi Kid area in the South Eastern Sinai, Egypt

Each of these areas display a part of the Neoproterozoic of the Arabian-Nubian Shield with the Bi'rUmq Complex displaying the oldest relicts in the form of ophiolites. The Tabalah area displays intra-terrane deformation and the Wadi Kid Complex is a core complex that was developped during orogenic collapse. My research is mainly based on snall scale structural research. I have published a number of papers on the Wadi Kid area and the references can be found on my geology page.


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