Family Molendyk (e) / Meulendyk (e).


A part of the family Molendijk is published by me on the Internet. The most of it is still in Dutch. This page is a start, and theirby still under construction , of the english version of the genealogy of the family Molendijk. The family Molendijk ( also spelled as Molendyk , Molendyke , Meulendijk , Meulendyk and Meulendyke ) has their roots in the Netherland (also known as Holland). The research for the family Meulendyk(e) is only when they belong to one of the family's Molendyk.

Several family's

Their are two mayor family's (about 90% belong to those family's) which has there roots in the same small village called Ridderkerk. I named the two family's: the first Ridderkerk Family (genealogy start at 1589) and the second Ridderkerk family (starts at 1645, still in research, possible goes back to 1581). A connection to those two family's is not made. Ridderkerk is village in the province South-Holland. There is also a two family's from a other part of that province (district Voorne Putten) where the last name mostly is spelled Meuldyk or Mooldyk. There are also some small family's in the eastern part of the Netherlands (province Overijssel and Gelderland). Their have been found also some persons found with this name, but the have no descendants who are still living. Mostly died out after a few generation. In the 1800 en 1900's several members of the family emigrated to the USA. The following are yet known and belong to one of the family's Molendyk. On the several dutch pages their are tree's published of the several family's.


The (yet known) eldest one is Bastian Molendyk (1825-1875) , who came to Pella IOWA in the summer and fall of 1849 with his family in law. Bastiaan belongs to the second Ridderkerk family (see above) en is registreted as Alderman in Pella in the years 1861, 1862 and 1863. It's known he had some children but their is yet nothing known about other descendants.

Their was also a Dirk Molendijk (1836-?) who left 3 Apr 1855 Holland and went to North America according to the civil administration of Piershil (small town in South Holland). Their is still nothing found of him over there. Dirk belongs to the first Ridderkerk family.

According to the US census of 1880 their were four families. 1) John Molendyke, with Maggie and children Leonard , Cornelius and Lena. The were all born in Holland but a relation with the dutch family's is yet not found. 2) Theodor Molendyk, wife Mina and daughters Lizzie, Theodora and Anna. Also all born in Holland and the belong to one of the family's of the eastern part of Holland. 3) Teunis Molendyk and his wife Margaret belong to the first Ridderkerk family. Teunis came later back to Holland and died there. 4) Abr (possible Abraham) Meulendyke and his family. The are all born in the states and the parents of Abr and his sister May are born in Holland. Still no relation found with the dutch family's.

In 1883 came Adrianus (Adrian) Molendyk (49 years) with his wife Cornelia (52 years) en sons Arie (23) en Adrianus (17 years) with the ship P. Calland from Rotterdam to the states. Both Adrianus's are mentioned in the nataralization index of Ottawa Co. Michigan. The son is possible the same as Adrianus who is mentioned in Township index for adult head of house of Ottawa Co. 1892-1893 "Crockery Township", 1892-3, name: A. Molendyk, section: 11, occuptation: Farmer, post office address: Nunica and married 1896 Ottawa Co. MI Jannetje Bestebreurtje. It's possible Molendyk and Molendyke in Montana and Michigan are descendants of the sons of Adrianus Molendyk.

Tree sons of Cornelis Molendijk (1860-?), Henry, Frits and Leen Molendyk, left around 1920 Holland with their wifes. The arrived the USA by Ellis Island (see also and settled in New Jersey. Leendert and his wife came a few years later back to Holland (homesick?). Descendants of the other two are found in sevaral parts of the States. Cornelis was a member of the second Ridderkerkse family [Source Maria Bzik Molendyk, 1999].

John (Jan) Meulendij(y)k left 1916 Holland and arrived also the USA by Ellis Island. He settled in Grand Rapids MI with his wife and children. Several descendants are still living in that region. Jan belongs to the second Ridderkerkse family [Source Jeff Meulendyk, 2001].


You can send me a mail when you are interested in your roots and your last name is Molendyk, Molendijk, Molendyke, Meulendyk or Meulendyke. I've on the moment gathered information of more then 2500 people with the last name Molendijk, Molendyk, etc in the different archives in Holland. A part of this is published (yet only in Dutch) on the Internet.

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