First Prize Szachy 1986

White begins and draws

1.Rh8-a8+ Ka2-b2! 

1...Kb1 2.Nd4 e1Q 3.Ra1+ Kxa1 4.Nc2+ 

2.Ra8-a1! Nh7-f8+! 

3.Kd7-c6 Nb7-d8+! 

4.Kc6-d5 Kb2xa1 

5.Ne6-d4 e2-e1N! 

The ending of three knights against one knight is theoretically won. White has to exchange. 

6.Kd5-d6! Nd8-b7+ 

7.Kd6-c6 Nb7-a5+ 

8.Kc6-b5 Na5-b7 

9.Kb5-c6 Nb7-d8+ 

10.Kc6-d6 Nf8-g6 

10...Nh7 11.Ke7 Nb7 12.Ne6 and a knight will be exchanged.

11.Kd6-d7 Nd8-f7 

12.Kd7-e6 Nf7-h6 

13.Ke6-f6 Ng6-h8 


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